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39 Weeks

Well, I made it to a personally important milestone-39 weeks. Supposedly, it is ideal to get to this point for brain development and other things. I really thought Minicorn would be an October baby for a while, but it’s time to lay those bones down and welcome November in. I now feel that she will go past her due date (which is this Sunday). We’ll see. I’m working from home and patiently waiting. As of my last appointment last Friday, the cervix was softening, her head was moving down, and I was a fingertip dilated. We’ll see what they say this Friday. I know the average length of pregnancy for first-time mothers is around 41 weeks and 3 days, but literally nobody I know who has given birth in the last few years (including this year) has gotten to their due date, let alone gone over. So it’s weird that I may be in that “average”. Interesting data though. Well, scratch that. One of my friends just had a baby boy past 41 weeks this month (hi Alex!). So there is precedent.

Clothes and cloth diapers are washed and ready. Hospital bag halfway packed. Everything is ready. Now to go learn Mandarin or something while I wait.


Comments on: "39 Weeks" (4)

  1. I was pretty sure you’d have an oct baby as well. Well NOV is a great month. I mean I was born in NOV and so was my mother so she’ll be in good company with us! lol

  2. did you get my gift for minicorn??

  3. it’s been a while since i last commented, but i wanted to say congrats! so exciting!

  4. Latoya: Yes, and the bears on everything are ADORABLE. I will send a photo of her in the clothes with my thank you card. Thank you again, so much!

    mdc: I was just thinking about you last week wondering how you were!

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