My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

36-37 Weeks

I am full term up in this bee-ya.

Thanks to everyone who has been checking on me; I truly appreciate it.

I can barely walk. My lower back tells me it hates me with every step I take. And I take a lot of steps every day, thanks to parking far from my office.

Sleep is an old, fondly-remembered friend.

I had my baby shower. It was warm and fuzzy and laid-back, just how I wanted. Except for the dirty macking that happens when you mix friends and uncles, predatory brothers, and cat-daddies. I will sprinkle a few photos in (if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen these). All the photos are on other people’s phones and cameras so I’m just sitting here mouth-breathing until they send me all of them.

My due date is November 4th. My guess date is October 29th, since that is the next full moon. Please do offer your own guess in the comments. Eligible dates are October 21st-November 18th (please god no).

Also, tell me what you couldn’t live without that you packed in your hospital bag, or what you wished you would have packed in your hospital bag. I should probs go ahead and pack that. And get the car seat installed. And stuff.

See how I’m clutching that chair for dear life?

hell yeah vegan cake in this mug. It was SO GOOD. You know it’s good when people are shocked when you tell them it was vegan. That’s right bitches.

My mommy and I!




Comments on: "36-37 Weeks" (8)

  1. pack your own pads and undies for sure. For your mandatory 24hr stay you might wanna pack some comfy jams and slippers. Those are the things you must have that I didn’t have but I didn’t even expect to have my baby a month early either lol

    I’m sorry about your back pain. That sucks

    That cake looks Glorious!

    You mom looks like an older sister. She better WERK!

    Have you been having any contractions? if so, then my guess is gonna be the 24th if you haven’t then I’m gonna say its gonna be the 1st

  2. oh and baby girl is hella low now, thats another reason why I give you til next week.

  3. I’m with Krissy. I packed my own pjs (which were two loose nightgowns so I could breastfeed), my own pads and undies (although I had to wear the hospital issued mesh and phone book pad the first day because of bleeding). Pretty much anything you would need for a two night stay. Bring your own pillow and birth ball, as well as music if you want that.

    Oh and socks! No one told me about the socks until my second night stay and I stayed 5 nights in the hospital.

    As far as a due date, I’m going to give you until the 31st. She just might be a unicorn after all šŸ™‚ PS: if you really want to go until labor, try having sex…lots of it. Let’s just say when it got to end and I ready to have my son, my boyfriend became a work horse..and our son appeared a few days later šŸ™‚ I’m just saying…

    • I second the sex although bf and I never slowed with sexy time. We were rabbits from the day I found out I was preg til a few days before labor. But sperm is said to soften the cervix and cause contractions

  4. That baby looks like she’ll be here on Friday or some such date!

    As for your bag, I concur with what’s been added: your own pjs, pads, socks (hospitals stay being cold for no good reason!), and your own toiletries.

  5. Beautiful!

    We had to buy our own baby wipes because they only gave us little cloths and bowls to fill with warm water. Pain in the butt! Bring loose, comfy clothes and underwear, nothing with a tight elastic waist even if you think they’ll be loose– soft waistbands! Maybe a water bottle that you really like, because I just had a big plastic cup with a lid and crinkly straw and my water tasted a little plastic-y because the cup had that “plastic smell.” Don’t fuss too much with baby clothes unless you REALLY want her to wear something specific (other than a take-home outfit, of course) because the little kimono wrap shirts and swaddling blankets at the hospital will be plenty. Get the carseat into the car and all straightened out and adjusted properly before you go home because you won’t want to have your first time out of the hospital with Minicorn to be complicated or frustrating.

  6. BAH. WordPress just ate my comment….

    Lip stuff. I forgot my lip stuff and it SUCKED. Licking my lips was the WORST. And for all my fussing about wearing my own clothes, I didn’t even blink at the mesh panties and mondo pads. I was LOVING the pads that you crush and they get cold, like a icepack/pad. Because let me tell you, anything cool on a swollen sore vag is HEAVEN.

    I pray you go early. Those last few days of pregnancy are the worst. šŸ˜¦

  7. Congratulations! So happy for you. “Dirty macking” that is the PERFECT name for that. Ha!

    You’re going to want some socks for the hospital stay after the baby is born and bring a couple nursing bras. They usually have all in one body wash/ shampoo, so you might bring your own if you’re particular about that sort of thing.

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