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39 Weeks 4 Days

I woke up about 2am because of stomach pain. Went to the bathroom and saw a spot of blood. Called the midwife on call; she said my cervix was effacing and dilating, and to try to get some sleep. After I got off the phone with her, I began having what I suspected were contractions. I started timing them (there’s an app for that) and they averaged about 7 1/2 minutes apart. More blood; more than spotting, but not full on active bleeding. I didn’t see any mucus so I was a bit concerned that it was something other than the mucus plug/bloody show. Talked to midwife late morning, she verified that I wasn’t leaking fluid or anything and said that it sounds like I’m in early labor. Keep track of Minicorn’s movements. I asked, so I should just keep my appointment for tomorrow? She said well, if you don’t have a baby today! I read early labor lasts approximately 8-12 hours. It has been past 12 already, so I’m just sitting here breathing through the contractions, taking care of odds and ends, and resting. We’ll see what happens!

The contractions feel like sudden menstrual cramps and extreme pressure (especially in my bottom) that has a noticeable peak and fade-out. I’ll update when there’s something more to update!


Comments on: "39 Weeks 4 Days" (13)

  1. It’s going down. My contractions were horrible. But that bottom pressure is a tell tell sign for sure

  2. YAY!!! Minicorn is about to bust out into the world!!!

  3. Monique218 said:

    WOOOHOOOO!! Suposedly you are going to forget all about the pain once you see her face.

  4. Hercules! Hercules! A baaaaaaby Yay! 😀

  5. We’s gone have a baby!!

  6. This is it!!! And it’s my brother’s birthday 😉 best wishes for the labor you’ve been hoping for and a healthy, beautiful Minicorn!

  7. Yay! It’s baby time!

  8. In the words of Cant we’s having a baby!! Been following u and minicorn’s development and Maggie is crunk!

  9. Wishing you and baby the best! I hope it’s an easy birth.

  10. hi jessica, I just had my first baby 3 weeks ago and to be honest the memory of a terrible labour and birth are still fresh in my mind. 25and a half hours. I was induced with cervidil, my contractions started and they did feel just like menstrual cramps, after 2 hours they felt like bad cramps but were starting to take over my body, this is when i feel it is so important to stay calm and really focus on breathing through each contraction and taking them one at a time. for about 6 hours I was pacing around the hospital just trying to walk it off. by 9 hours i started using the gas as i had lost controll and could no longer withstand the pain. not long after that i asked for an epi which was the best thing ever except i stoped dialating and ended up having 25 hours of labour, followed by a vac assisted delivery. The pain is something your body can handle, if you stay calm and focus on what you need to do to get trough. dont be scared your body will no what to do, and dont be afraid to ask for pain relife when you need it if you do. enjoy your expireience and i wish you all the best, once you see your bubba nothing you go through will mater.

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