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A Light Almost Visible

Phew. I’ve almost made it out of the dark woods boot camp that is raising a newborn. Minicorn is 2 months old in about half an hour. Around 7 weeks she started sleeping long stretches. She was doing 10pm-4am approximately, then would go back to sleep at 5 or 6 for a couple of hours. New Year’s Eve/Day she slept midnight to 7am. Last night she went down at 9, woke up at midnight, went back to sleep at 1, and slept until 7. She is currently taking her morning nap. But as Vinny and I said, DON’T GET COMFORTABLE. Babies give zero fucks about what all you are trying to do in life.

Take Christmas. I pumped milk so that Crabby and I could go see Django. I was so anxious (no Ginuwine) over whether I pumped enough milk for those few hours, since you can’t tell how much she’s getting while nursing. You know what never occurred to me though? THAT SHE WOULDN’T TAKE THE GOTDAMN BOTTLE! Yes, we saw exactly half of Django and had to go home because high-falutin Minicorn said bitch, please to a bottle.

I am trying not to STRESS THE FUCK OUT because I have 3 1/2 weeks of leave left and er um…I need her to be able to take a bottle while I’m at work. I’m also bummed that I can’t go ANYWHERE during my leave because she won’t take the bottle. PPD is real y’all, and being prisoner in the house fans those flames like whoa. We’re trying to offer the bottle multiple times a day every day while she’s calm. She’s gotten to where she’ll take a couple of sips and that’s it. I don’t want it to get to the point where we have to have a hunger standoff with her for her to take it by default while I’m at work so I’m just going to keep trying and hope it gets better.

She gets her 2-month shots Monday which at least means I can get out of the house WITH her and go places. But Shesus Christ.

If you don’t have the link to her picture blog and want it, e-mail

She is EXTREMELY vocal, active, and will get a tude immediately if she’s not getting what she wants. She loves the ceiling fan, bathtime, music, and storytime. Now that I’m not as sleep-deprived, I’m able to really appreciate her adorableness even when she’s screaming her head off.

Until next (nap)time.

P.S. Cloth diapering is going smoothly (easier than I expected)



Comments on: "A Light Almost Visible" (12)

  1. You know how i know you are a BAD person that dont give a shit about my Life and Safety?

    How You Put that So Anxious bit there, I know it was Q Bait.. Think about this next time you watch Charlie The Unicorn type things I do to bring Light and cheeries into your life

    That Baby…. Just…

  2. Don’t worry about a hunger showdown. Babies will not starve themselves. My 8 month old still pretty much refuses the bottle, and simply waits for me. You’ll teach her not to adapt if you stop everything to nurse. That being said, she’s only 2 months, and you can’t spoil a little baby. Can you email me the picture site?

  3. hang in there! i was nervous about going back to work last month since my daughter would never take a bottle from me either. but after being at daycare for less than a week, she got hungry and got with the program.

    we *did* have to try a few different bottles to find one that she liked. the nipple to the medela bottles that came with my pump were too long and made her gag. but she really likes the tommee tippee closer to nature bottles, since they are a bit more (ahem)breast-like.

    she’ll even take the bottle from me now, which she still wasn’t trying to do even after she would take the bottle from others.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I am in desperate need of some It Gets Better stories! How old was your daughter? We have Tommy Tippee and some others.

      • she was born in september and started daycare at 12 weeks. by that time, i already had my now 2 1/2 year old daughter on the bottle and paci.

  4. it’ll all work out for you. Sounds like you’re doing really well so far.

  5. Look at that face and that smile! Word on the street is NUK has good nipples *shrugs*

    *searches for something deep to say* Umm… keep your head up? 🙂

  6. still laughing at: “Babies give zero fucks about what all you are trying to do in life.” SO true.

    p.s., it looks like you have the same fisher price rocker/sleeper as us. not sure when you bought yours, but there was a recent recall on some of them :

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