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Big Toe, Big Toe

In TMI news, what am I supposed to do about this?

Yes, my big toenail is really cracked that far down and in. FYI, I am clumsy. A frickin’ klutz. I also have a high pain tolerance, which I believe is directly correlated with my clumsiness. So I run into or bump or hit stuff all the time and don’t miss a beat. Then mysterious bruises show up, the kind I might have to explain so people don’t think I’m getting beat at home. And as the picture above shows, this kind of ish happens. I have no idea when or how this occurred, but what do I do dear readers? Surely I can’t clip it off or *shudders* peel the nail back….I guess I just have to check on it’s progress every day like a Giga Pet (remember those?!)

A couple of days after this post, I straight peeled like, the whole thing off (where it was cracked). It didn’t hurt anything like it sounds or looks, I swear!


Comments on: "Big Toe, Big Toe" (11)

  1. ChocolateOrchid said:

    Oh my! All I can recommend is that you clip as much as possible then file down what is left so that it won’t catch on socks, tights and such. Hope this helps in some way.

  2. Bohemian Bookworm said:

    Thanks ChocolateOrchid. The only thing is the crack starts below the actual nail tip so there’s nothing to really clip right now! It’s just so freaky looking.

  3. yeah, that looks quite painful. It’d be waaaaaaaaayyyyyy irritating to me. I pretty much abuse my fingernails all the time by biting them entirely too much

  4. ouch!yeah, i’d agree with chocolate orchid and say clip it as much as you can so it won’t snag. cause high pain tolerance or not, that ish will HURT. lol.

  5. maaaaybe wrap a bandaid around it or something?? That way it wont snag and cut when its long enough. yikes, it looks painful. good luck! haha

  6. Bohemian Bookworm said:

    Ya’ll, the funny thing is it doesn’t hurt at all right now. If I hadn’t looked at my toe one day, I wouldn’t have known until it snagged so I have no idea when or how it cracked. Once it gets long enough, I will definitely wrap it or something. Thank ya’ll for caring, lol!

  7. InstantVintage said:

    AYYYYYY! Ok, I think you should paint over it with a nail strengthener and wear sneakers for a while. Gawd, that looks painful.

  8. Bohemian Bookworm said:

    Ooh, good idea on the nail strengthener, Instant Vintage.

  9. I ran a 10k race 3 years ago and not to my immediate knowledge I had damaged my big toe toenail during the race (I guess my shoes sucked). Anyways, my toe was killing me for like a week, then it turned dark and started pealing off. Three Months later I had an almost completely new toenail. All that to say! I’m sorry about your toe… it needs a hug 🙂

  10. Bohemian Bookworm said:

    Wow that sounds horrible! It TURNED DARK?! NOOOOOOO. Anyhoo, lol @ it needing a hug. I ended up peeling off the whole thing where it cracked.

  11. LOL yes I had a black toe nail…LOL. Ok I’m glad you peeled it… now it will heal correctly 🙂 wow, all this convo about your toe! The beauty of the web… LOL

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