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39 Weeks

Well, I made it to a personally important milestone-39 weeks. Supposedly, it is ideal to get to this point for brain development and other things. I really thought Minicorn would be an October baby for a while, but it’s time to lay those bones down and welcome November in. I now feel that she will go past her due date (which is this Sunday). We’ll see. I’m working from home and patiently waiting. As of my last appointment last Friday, the cervix was softening, her head was moving down, and I was a fingertip dilated. We’ll see what they say this Friday. I know the average length of pregnancy for first-time mothers is around 41 weeks and 3 days, but literally nobody I know who has given birth in the last few years (including this year) has gotten to their due date, let alone gone over. So it’s weird that I may be in that “average”. Interesting data though. Well, scratch that. One of my friends just had a baby boy past 41 weeks this month (hi Alex!). So there is precedent.

Clothes and cloth diapers are washed and ready. Hospital bag halfway packed. Everything is ready. Now to go learn Mandarin or something while I wait.


38 Weeks

Last week my feet started swelling. Cankles. Girl. Total weight gain as of last week’s appointment: 18 pounds.

I don’t know if I’ve had any contractions. Every now and then I’ll feel some lower back pain with mild cramping but that could be due to any number of things. My practice doesn’t do cervical checks unless “necessary” according to 1 midwife. Another midwife said they don’t do them until 39-40 weeks. I’ll be 38w5d at my next appointment so we’ll see.

Just trying to get everything together at this point. Today is my last day of working in the office; I’ll be working from home until it’s time.

36-37 Weeks

I am full term up in this bee-ya.

Thanks to everyone who has been checking on me; I truly appreciate it.

I can barely walk. My lower back tells me it hates me with every step I take. And I take a lot of steps every day, thanks to parking far from my office.

Sleep is an old, fondly-remembered friend.

I had my baby shower. It was warm and fuzzy and laid-back, just how I wanted. Except for the dirty macking that happens when you mix friends and uncles, predatory brothers, and cat-daddies. I will sprinkle a few photos in (if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen these). All the photos are on other people’s phones and cameras so I’m just sitting here mouth-breathing until they send me all of them.

My due date is November 4th. My guess date is October 29th, since that is the next full moon. Please do offer your own guess in the comments. Eligible dates are October 21st-November 18th (please god no).

Also, tell me what you couldn’t live without that you packed in your hospital bag, or what you wished you would have packed in your hospital bag. I should probs go ahead and pack that. And get the car seat installed. And stuff.

See how I’m clutching that chair for dear life?

hell yeah vegan cake in this mug. It was SO GOOD. You know it’s good when people are shocked when you tell them it was vegan. That’s right bitches.

My mommy and I!



35 Weeks

I had ideas floating around for what I was supposed to talk about this week, but fatigue has wiped it all away.

It’s October. I might have a baby this month.

34 Weeks

I had an appointment yesterday. I have gained NO weight since my last appointment, so the midwife wants me to pack on healthy fats like walnuts, avocado, and cake. Except she didn’t say cake so I filled it in for her. She wants me to gain 2-3 pounds by my next appointment in 2 weeks. She said the baby is measuring fine; but she will really start to gain fat in these next weeks.

Other than that, I’m tired. Oh so tired. And overwhelmed by everything “to do”. October is next week. I could have a kid in October.

33 Weeks

Whew, my brain is fried. Work is crazy. I’m tired. Minicorn is allowing me to eat Multigrain Cheerios with diced strawberries again, so that’s comforting. I have been eating 2 huge bowls a day. I’m sick of oatmeal. I’ll pick it up again maybe after birth to help with my milk supply.

I found out yesterday that Crabby’s mom used cloth diapers on him and his sister. Neither of us ever knew! How awesome! She did it as a cost-saving move because Crabby and his sister are only 13 months apart.

Minicorn is the size of a pineapple this week which is just cracking me up. Imagine an entire-ass pineapple, just chillin’ in there.

Thanks everyone who volunteered to share their birth stories. I will be e-mailing you all soon (if I have your e-mail). If I don’t have your e-mail, holla at . I want to hear/read ALL of your stories, even the not good experiences. I think it’s important to have a wide range of perspectives and experiences; and I personally love reading ALL birth stories.

Good news at my 32-week check-up last week: Minicorn is now in the correct position. Midwife said she could still turn again, but I tuned her out. I don’t need to hear all of that, thankies!

There are 5 midwives at my practice. I really like 2 of them and I am hoping I get 1 of them when it’s labor time. You meet with a different one each week because you never know which of them will be on call when. The other 3 are meh, okay, but I definitely click with 2 of them. UNIVERSE HEAR ME!

Um, what else? Did I mention the pelvic pain? That was actually my clue that Minicorn changed positions because I went from horrible back pain to an extremely sore pelvis; I guess due to all the pressure on it from her new and improved head-down, facing backward position. It hurts to walk sometimes and it’s excruciating standing up from my desk chair or trying to get out of bed at times. Whatevs.

I only gained half a pound between 30 and 32 weeks which I figured would happen. I haven’t been that hungry. Packing in the nutrients, food-based prenatal, DHA supplement, Floradix/iron supplement, etc.

WOO LAWD THOUGH LET ME TELL YOU I had a sudden ninja donut attack craving. Donuts are generally not vegan. I wanted them. Specifically, Shipley’s glazed donuts. I’m not sure if they’re Texas only or south only, but if you ever get a chance, try them. Bucket list worthy. I hope I don’t get fined by vegans for that. Or my vegan card revoked. I haven’t had donuts in YEARS. 5 or more years. I ordered 2 and immediately knew that this is what it feels like when doves cry.


Until next time, my dears!

32 Weeks

8 months! Another milestone! Home stretch. Wow.

Nothing much to report. My appetite has slowed down, I’ve noticed. For a while I haven’t been eating double portions; sometimes barely normal-sized. I’m not sure if that’s really my appetite or if I don’t want to cram a lot in there because there’s not much room.

I need to finalize things for the shower. I have out-of-town family and friends coming in, which makes me anxious. I have to entertain these people who spent money to come see me! Mixed crowds, mingling people….simmer down, social anxiety. Stir in a little family drama and let sit. Mm-hmm.

As I get closer, I am probably going to hit up some of you to see if you will be open to doing guest posts while I’m adjusting to Minicorn. I want guest posts featuring your own pregnancies, birth stories, and adjustment to a newborn, stuff like that. I love reading others’ perspectives and I know you as readers will too.

Friday I find out if my (admittedly half-assed) efforts to get Minicorn to turn around worked or if I still have some work to do.

I’m also trying to find good sources of information to send to Crabby about how to help me achieve the best natural labor I can. I realize now that the midwife will not be with me the whole time if there are other labors going on. So she will be in and out, and so will the labor and delivery nurses, and I don’t know how that’s going to be. So if there’s going to be large chunks of time with just us, I want him to feel confident in knowing how to help me. Suggestions welcome.

Other than that, I’m just feeling so unorganized. I feel like there are THINGS I need to be doing to prepare, but what?? Where is the ultimate to-do list? I like to-do lists.

Here’s the caftan Kit sent me, Jesus Fluffy Christ it is so comfortable. Highly recommend one of these bad boys.

And here I am in my 8-month glory:

I also took my maternity photos this weekend with Some.Sweet. I saw a proof on Instagram, and I can’t wait to see the rest! If she lets me use it here, I’ll post it separately.

EDIT: Here it is!

P. S. Ramit has yet another contest going. This one is for 2 roundtrip tickets to anywhere in the USA. Where would you go? Me? Hawaii. Enter here.

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