My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

33 Weeks

Whew, my brain is fried. Work is crazy. I’m tired. Minicorn is allowing me to eat Multigrain Cheerios with diced strawberries again, so that’s comforting. I have been eating 2 huge bowls a day. I’m sick of oatmeal. I’ll pick it up again maybe after birth to help with my milk supply.

I found out yesterday that Crabby’s mom used cloth diapers on him and his sister. Neither of us ever knew! How awesome! She did it as a cost-saving move because Crabby and his sister are only 13 months apart.

Minicorn is the size of a pineapple this week which is just cracking me up. Imagine an entire-ass pineapple, just chillin’ in there.

Thanks everyone who volunteered to share their birth stories. I will be e-mailing you all soon (if I have your e-mail). If I don’t have your e-mail, holla at . I want to hear/read ALL of your stories, even the not good experiences. I think it’s important to have a wide range of perspectives and experiences; and I personally love reading ALL birth stories.

Good news at my 32-week check-up last week: Minicorn is now in the correct position. Midwife said she could still turn again, but I tuned her out. I don’t need to hear all of that, thankies!

There are 5 midwives at my practice. I really like 2 of them and I am hoping I get 1 of them when it’s labor time. You meet with a different one each week because you never know which of them will be on call when. The other 3 are meh, okay, but I definitely click with 2 of them. UNIVERSE HEAR ME!

Um, what else? Did I mention the pelvic pain? That was actually my clue that Minicorn changed positions because I went from horrible back pain to an extremely sore pelvis; I guess due to all the pressure on it from her new and improved head-down, facing backward position. It hurts to walk sometimes and it’s excruciating standing up from my desk chair or trying to get out of bed at times. Whatevs.

I only gained half a pound between 30 and 32 weeks which I figured would happen. I haven’t been that hungry. Packing in the nutrients, food-based prenatal, DHA supplement, Floradix/iron supplement, etc.

WOO LAWD THOUGH LET ME TELL YOU I had a sudden ninja donut attack craving. Donuts are generally not vegan. I wanted them. Specifically, Shipley’s glazed donuts. I’m not sure if they’re Texas only or south only, but if you ever get a chance, try them. Bucket list worthy. I hope I don’t get fined by vegans for that. Or my vegan card revoked. I haven’t had donuts in YEARS. 5 or more years. I ordered 2 and immediately knew that this is what it feels like when doves cry.


Until next time, my dears!


Comments on: "33 Weeks" (6)

  1. You whole, I know how it feel when doves cry thing negated everything you said before it for me lol! I can’t with you lol

  2. You’re so close, Chica!!!!! And very excited for you. You’ll be term in 4 short (or fairly long) weeks! Yee haw!

  3. What Is Air?!


    “When Doves Cry”

    I cant might not make it however many millennia you have to go, cause yeah them texts about you cooking a baby for a year almost: Im still traumatized and “SOOOO ANXIOUS”

  4. Every time I read these minicorn updates, I can’t stop smiling! This “I Regret Nothing” gif made me cackle out loud. I can’t wait until she comes jiggin’ out the womb

  5. arguinglulu said:

    LOVE IT. It’s nice to know others are sitting in the same pelvic pain boat. This week (30) is cabbage week. I swear, the food analogies are weird. A pineapple? all I kept thinking about was the PAIN of having a pineapple come out of my vagina! When I hit 32 weeks, I may need another comparison!

  6. I’m with Krissy!! Hahahahahaha! Whatever I was about to say the doves cry KILT it! LOL!

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