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32 Weeks

8 months! Another milestone! Home stretch. Wow.

Nothing much to report. My appetite has slowed down, I’ve noticed. For a while I haven’t been eating double portions; sometimes barely normal-sized. I’m not sure if that’s really my appetite or if I don’t want to cram a lot in there because there’s not much room.

I need to finalize things for the shower. I have out-of-town family and friends coming in, which makes me anxious. I have to entertain these people who spent money to come see me! Mixed crowds, mingling people….simmer down, social anxiety. Stir in a little family drama and let sit. Mm-hmm.

As I get closer, I am probably going to hit up some of you to see if you will be open to doing guest posts while I’m adjusting to Minicorn. I want guest posts featuring your own pregnancies, birth stories, and adjustment to a newborn, stuff like that. I love reading others’ perspectives and I know you as readers will too.

Friday I find out if my (admittedly half-assed) efforts to get Minicorn to turn around worked or if I still have some work to do.

I’m also trying to find good sources of information to send to Crabby about how to help me achieve the best natural labor I can. I realize now that the midwife will not be with me the whole time if there are other labors going on. So she will be in and out, and so will the labor and delivery nurses, and I don’t know how that’s going to be. So if there’s going to be large chunks of time with just us, I want him to feel confident in knowing how to help me. Suggestions welcome.

Other than that, I’m just feeling so unorganized. I feel like there are THINGS I need to be doing to prepare, but what?? Where is the ultimate to-do list? I like to-do lists.

Here’s the caftan Kit sent me, Jesus Fluffy Christ it is so comfortable. Highly recommend one of these bad boys.

And here I am in my 8-month glory:

I also took my maternity photos this weekend with Some.Sweet. I saw a proof on Instagram, and I can’t wait to see the rest! If she lets me use it here, I’ll post it separately.

EDIT: Here it is!

P. S. Ramit has yet another contest going. This one is for 2 roundtrip tickets to anywhere in the USA. Where would you go? Me? Hawaii. Enter here.


Comments on: "32 Weeks" (7)

  1. I could guest blog my birth story- a natural birth in the hospital- if you’d like. 🙂 Or I could just email you it if you’d like to read it. I really enjoyed our birth experience and love to talk about it, as you may have already guessed.

    Also, love that maternity shot! Can’t wait to see more.

  2. Tell Crabby his main job is to make sure all the medical professionals are doing their job, as well as just being at your beck-n-call. I had this really annoying nurse w/my first daughter and I gave my ex THAT LOOK and right away he put her in her place. You’ll need Crabby to do that because sometimes docs and nurses can be a little condescending. They don’t mean it most times, and a little nudge in the direction of a tall glass of STFU helps.

    And you don’t need a list, gyal. Chillax. If your nursery is ready (and by ready I mean you have someplace for Minicorn to sleep and a few onesies or whatever) and you’ve put in for maternity leave and your appointments are set, all you have to do is relax so as not to get the baby all extra crunk. Remember- she feels everything you feel. And maybe have some jungalistic relations witcho boo right quick, ’cause babies cock-block like a MFer…

  3. I would offer up my birth story but it wasn’t a good time at all lol.

    Again you look great!

    Your hubs just needs to be there to support you and do whatever you tell him during labor. Listening to you is a must for sure.

  4. Have you written your birth plan yet? It may be nice to have a point of reference for the midwife and others to know your wishes during delivery. I had multiple copies… laminated. LOL

    Ask Crabby how and what he feels his role is during delivery. He may or may not he has a major place and you certainly want to clear that up. The main thing you certainly want to make sure of is that he is there every step of the way. If you have back labor, he needs to listen to how you want him to massage you. If you want to sit on the birth ball for a while, he needs to be ready to sit behind you and whisper to you while you breath. My boyfriend was VERY involved in my labor and I love him so much for that (except for when he would tell me contractions were coming as if I couldn’t feel those bishes).

    Remember: your shower is all about you. Folks will want to cater to your every whim. Let them. Enjoy this time because it will be over before you know it.

    I’m open to sharing my birth story. Let me know if you want me to email it to you.

  5. JESUS. When THE HELL did you become 8 MONTHS PREGNANT?!?!! Where have I been? Oh. Right. I’ve been THERE. But holy shit! YOU!! 8 MONTHS!! And your hair! And that DRESS!! And I clearly don’t know how to speak in complete sentences!

    Love it all!

  6. Sarah: I would LOVE for you to share your birth story!
    Jaded: Your comment is null and void due to JUNGALISTIC. BYE.
    Krissy: Nonsense! You must share your story! E-mail it to me!
    Monique: I sort of have one in the “Notes” section of my iPhone LOL. Thank you for your calming words about the shower. I would love for you to share your birth story! E-mail me!
    Desiree: I KNOW RIGHT? I can’t even.

  7. Beautiful pictures! You look great :-). So happy for you!

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