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31 Weeks Addendum

I had the worst night of sleep ever last night. I had so much back pain/strain and nothing I did/no pillows I arranged would ease it. I finally crashed only to wake up in the middle of the night throwing up stomach acid. The acid reflux continued all night long, guaranteeing no more sleep. I hope this is not a trend for the 3rd trimester, but if it is, so be it.

I also think I can’t do seconds anymore at dinner. Last night I had a 2nd plate of pasta and it literally felt like my tummy skin was going to burst. I also think that likely contributed to the deadly heartburn/reflux I had that night. The 5 mini blueberry muffins I had at work had nothing at all to do with this, I’m sure. :-/

Forgot to add, I had a Minicorn dream last night. We delivered her at home and were SO UNPREPARED. We forgot to weigh her, so I was freaking out that we wouldn’t be able to tell the doctor and we would be judged for her being underweight because we were exclusively nursing. She also had 1 raggedy cloth diaper on and we forgot to buy any other diapers so I had to run to the store for more. For some reason, the disposable diapers were in the frozen section. Sigh.


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  1. I’m sorry you’re having a tough time chicky. If the myth is true, you’ll have a baby with a head full of hair, that’s a positive right?

  2. Oh, welcome to the 3rd trimester, my friend. I had TERRIBLE heartburn last time and Raf came out with a ton of hair. I’m thinking the same for this one.

    So sorry you’re so uncomfortable, love. Any thoughts about going to see a chiropractor to help with the sunny-side up kiddo? FWIW, I can barely eat anyting and I’m eating a lot of non vegan M and Ms, drinking shakes, and vomiting up any proper meals I attempt to eat

    But how are e THIS pregnant?

  3. Krissy: It’s actually not a myth; they discovered there is some hormone that comes with having lots of hair that is linked to heartburn, or something like that. Crazy!

    zubs: I know, right? How did we get here?? I think I’m going to buy some more pillows and keep trying pelvic rocks before I consider the chiro. I’m staying vegan for now, but my selection is pretty limited as to what I can tolerate!

    • I didn’t have any heartburn and Jas came out with a conk. Thick and black and shinny and long. thats the only reason i say its a myth lol

  4. I had lots os heartburn and all three had ful heads of hair. Try sleeping in a recliner.

  5. soy milk is the only thing that cures my heartburn. it coats the chest or sumn. water makes it worse. and citrusy juices naturally. hope you rest better boo. xo

  6. kit: I do need to try something else. I had been drinking strawberry lemonade sometimes at dinner and it just hit me that DUH, that’s citrus. Lord.

  7. I think sleeping sitting up with lots of pillows around you and one in your lower back may help the heart burn and back pain. I hope it gets better for you. *sends good vibes* πŸ™‚

  8. GP: I have a pillow mountain every night. I might have to just try a sitting-up position to sleep 😦

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