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31 Weeks

Wooooo single-digit weeks left, what?? My due date is less than 2 months away, whaaaattt? My shower is in 1 month, whaaaaat? Maternity photos this Sunday whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

So I went to my 30 week check-up last week, the first of my every-2-week appointments. I have gained 14 pounds thus far. The midwife palpated the baby’s position and said she was sunny-side up. She asked if I had been having back pain and I was like YES, ALL THE TIME, MY QUALITY OF LIFE IS POOR, HALP! She said, the baby’s position is why I’m having all this pain. And here I thought this was regular old pregnancy back pain.

She also said I should try to turn her or else I could be in for a long, hard labor. GOT DAMMIT MINICORN! Of course, she said I had plenty of time, but that ain’t what I wanted to hear. To be fair and grateful, I had gone into the appointment terrified that she was breech so thank goodness she wasn’t. I had been feeling movement down low most of the time and now that I know it’s not her feet, I’m like @_@ wtf is that? Do babies punch that hard in utero? Is she headbutting me?

Spinning Babies has an example of a sunny-side up baby (aka posterior) and why that’s not ideal for labor. Notice how the posterior baby is minding everybody else’s damn business but her own. PUT YOUR HEAD DOWN AND TURN AROUND, BABY. AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! Then I did a scientific poll of my friend Melissa and women from my pregnant-after-loss group who all experienced sunny-side up (can you tell I like typing that?) labors/births and they were all like….um, yeah you need to turn her. Worst labor ever. Blah blah blah.

Someone on Twitter told me “ass up baby down” and do pelvic rocks every night to try to turn her. K, I’ll do it. Fine. Great. FANTASTICCCC!

Oh, also, I was laying on Crabby’s back and he was talking and we felt her kick/punch/whatever. So he said in a lower voice, “Do you like my voice? Punch once for yes.” There was a pause. AND THEN SHE PUNCHED. HARD. We died. I can’t. What have we done?

Marching ever closer to this here due date.


Comments on: "31 Weeks" (8)

  1. Awesome! I’m excited to learn the name ( ugh you play too much keep secrets! lol) and to see what/who your little bundle looks like!

    On Wed, Sep 5, 2012 at 12:36 PM, Rainbow Lens

  2. Damn, has it been 31 weeks already? This baby just grew overnight (said the woman who doesn’t have to carry said baby or experience any of the discomfort and labor pains).

    So how soon after Minicorn is here will you be shipping her to Casa Jaded for her formal Girl Army training? Can’t wait to meet her!

  3. Time has flown by! Wow! My son was sunny side up until about two weeks before delivery. I did pelvic rocks, and stayed on my hands and knees to get him to turn. It most of worked because he turned!

  4. Krissy: bwahahaha, just wait for the name!

    Jaded: Is there a formal application process you can direct me to?

    Monique: Good to know, thanks! I’m trying to fit in pelvic rocks every night. How long/often did you do them?

  5. I had back labor with my last two kids who were both sunny side up. But I thought the “regular” labor with my first was so much worse. The difference was feeling like you were going to be torn apart across the front, or feeling like you were passing a boulder through your bowels. I have to say that passing the boulder was a better experience than being ripped across the middle. I think because the bowel movement feeling is familiar, even if it’s crazy intense. The other was like Alien.

  6. 31 weeks! DAMN, GIRL. You are getting there! 😀

    I hope your baby-flipping efforts are fruitful. Having never had back labor myself, I can tell you that my Internet Research concluded that it is No Fun. 😦

  7. LaToya: I’m going to e-mail you with labor questions, if that’s ok. Thanks for that perspective, I’m really sitting here like wowwwww, nobody has explained it like that before!

    Julie: Right! How did this happen?? :-p

  8. As long as she’s a she, it’s all we need. When she turns a year, though, send me her hand size so we can get her custom machete gilded…

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