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30 Weeks

Wow, 30 weeks. That sounds nice and heavy right? Has some weight to it. 10 weeks to go, give or take a couple. Well, I’m technically 30weeks2days which means my countdown is now in the single digits. Still crazy surreal. I thought for sure it would feel “real” now. Sometimes it does. I had a dream I took her to my old office to visit my former co-workers. I don’t want to get a 3d/4d ultrasound; I want her face to be a surprise.

A recently revived thread in my loss group reminded me of how far we’ve come in this pregnancy. I had forgotten how much Minicorn stressed me out! Questionable HCG numbers, random bleeding episodes, the cyst on the umbilical cord….not to mention the shitty diet, daily vomiting and nausea, deadly constipation…wow. I really believe in that evolution theory of pregnancy; that women tend to black it out and “forget” so they’ll do it all again. Lawd.

Check-up this week, the first of my every 2 week check-ups….working on my list of questions. So far, all I have is whether the midwives support eating/drinking in labor if I need something (the hospital does).

Thanks for all your helpful replies on my last post. My mom will be available as back-up help no matter when Crabby goes back to work; we just need to figure out what would be the best time FOR HIM to be at home with the baby. I’m leaning more toward the beginning, for bonding purposes and adjustment. It would be nice for him to be home during the holidays though (when she’ll be about 1 month and older). Decisions.

Just trying to get organized and prepared as much as possible while I still can. Being reflective and in the moment as much as I can. Marveling at this belly and the linea negra. Wondering if Minicorn will be a chill baby. Her patterns of movement are at a peak when I first wake up, after meals, and when I lie down at night. Other random “fuck yo couch” kicks just to let me know what’s up. What will she be like?


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  1. EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yea. it doesn’t feel real at times- then i remember this kid getting buck behind some peach soda….

    it’s almost september as fuck. BRUH.

  2. “What will she be like?”

    She’ll be the apple of your eye until she’s old enough to remove her own diaper and poop on your floor without telling anyone so that you find out the hard way. Then you’ll be like “WHO’S CHILD IS THIS?!?!”

    (but then you’ll giggle about it when she’s not looking and secretly want to hi-five her for being so badass and stealthy!)

  3. this is awesome. I really feel like I’ve been on this journey with you.

    those patterns may carry over when she’s on the outside. Like I told you, Jas’s did. She slept and ate the same when she was on the outside so it was just like a continuation for me. I Loved that part of it.

    I don’t like those 3D ultrasounds. They are pretty creepy looking. The 2D was awesome tho. I got to see some of her features. I saw how chubby her cheeks were in advance. I loved that

    Having your husband there will be a blessing. I wish I had someone there those 1st couple of weeks. My postpartum hit me strong by the 2nd week and I had a mini break down. If i would have had someone to help alleviate my stress, I don’t think I would have had such a bad breakdown.

    Enjoy all the moving she’s doing now. The longer you are pregnant the less room she has and the less she will move.

  4. Just smiling at your honesty and laughing at F* yo couch!

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