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29 Weeks

The 3rd trimester is draining me already. I am so. Exhausted. I used to think your body should be nice to you and let you sleep as much as possible while pregnant because it’s game over when the baby arrives, but maybe this is the body preparing you somewhat in advance. I don’t know. I have an attitude, though. Even if I get somewhat comfortable at night with the pillows, I still wake up tossing and turning, sore, etc. I have been experiencing deep, sore pelvic pain: my hips, lower back, even my thigh bones back and front, etc are all sore. I found out that it’s called ‘posterior pelvic pain’. So that’s fun.

I have had to rearrange my work chair accommodations too. My back was SO STRAINED at the end of every work day and I felt like a zombie. I switched out my chair, put two cushions behind me, one in my lap, and turned over a metal organizer thing and am using it as a footstool. It has made a MAJOR difference. The only soreness I get at work now is the lingering posterior pelvic pain, but no more back strain.

I had my 7 month check-up last week. My weight gain total is up to 13 lbs! Whoooooop! The midwife looked taken aback that I had gained so much in a month but then she realized I didn’t gain ANYTHING until after 5 months. The weight seems to all be in my belly and booty. I had to gone and go up a size in panties (. _ .). They are comfortable dinnamug though. I also had to drink the glucola for the gestational diabetes test. It tasted like flat orange soda. It wasn’t bad at first, but then my throat and stomach started burning. It recognized the treachery and was not here for it. I then got my blood drawn AND a Rhogam shot (because my blood type is negative, so it won’t attack the baby’s blood cells if she has a positive blood type). I think that was the day of Bitches Not Knowing How To Take Blood because the blood draw was PAINFUL and my arm is still bruised a week later from that shit. Blood draws should not hurt past the initial prick. Ugh. The Rhogam shot is painful anyway because it goes in the hip/booty meat and the actual injection of the medicine hurts, but this time hurt worse than others. Hmph.

The good news is I don’t have gestational diabetes, but my blood came back with extremely low iron levels so now I can add anemia to the list. I refused to get iron pills and go back to the dark days of constipation, so at the suggestion of all my hippie friends in my Pregnant After Loss group, I picked up a bottle of Floradix. That stuff is….foul. BUT, I am able to tolerate it because I don’t have to take that much (10 ml twice a day) AND I chase it with guava juice. I need to take the iron with Vitamin C to help absorption; orange juice makes my stomach hurt, I couldn’t find any strawberry juice, so guava juice was it. It’s pretty good.

The majority of the baby shower invites have been mailed, so that’s awesome.

I went to my baby cousin’s birthday party at Chuck E Cheese Saturday and let me just say Minicorn will NEVER. Good lord, that place is like the Den of Inequity for kids. Nawl.

There is a pediatrician where Crabby works who he likes, so we may be going with her. Do I need to do anything beforehand with the pediatrician, or can I just show up after birth with an appointment like HEY HERE’S A NEW BABY PLEASE MAKE SURE SHE WILL STAY ALIVE?

We were trying to figure out how best to allocate Crabby’s limited paid time off after Minicorn arrives. Initially we were just going to have him take as much time from birth until he ran out of hours. However, a book I read stated that the newborn/infant period gets much more difficult around the 1-month mark. The author stated the first few weeks are the baby getting adjusted to the new world, eating/sleeping/pee-pooping, etc. Around a month is when they start asking themselves WHAT IS THIS SORCERY and shit gets real. So the author suggested that the mother have some help ready for that stage, which means Crabby should take most of his paid time off around that mark. To all my mom readers, what do you think about that? Would you say you could have especially used help around the 1-month mark?

One of the few things that has especially been stressing me out is the thought of returning to work and pumping milk for the baby. I share my current office with my boss; there are bookshelves across the middle that function as a divider with some open space at the end. We are not really in an office building, so there aren’t any other rooms I could go to for privacy in this area. So I googled my job and breastfeeding and an entire page dedicated to nursing popped up! I had NO IDEA and I have been here for over 5 years! There are ELEVEN DIFFERENT lactation rooms at my job! About 3 of them are really close to me. SCORE! I don’t have to stress about pumping! I also saw this link about breastfeeding apps and I’m going to add a few of those to my team. I am so, so happy about finding all of this out.

My homie sent me this luxurious comfortable caftan and I cannot wait to stunt around the house in it. Whew, I needed something loose and flowy like WHOA. Big T-shirts were not cutting it.

My other homie Jla sent me this which I am sooooo looking forward to using!

And Vinny sent me the most awesome random box-o-stuff ever! A Moby wrap, books, various salves, all kinds of things. I am so grateful for you all and the support you have given me this far. Minicorn will know she has so many aunties out there.


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  1. That Rhogam shot hurts like a beotch.

    I think the one-month mark is where the sleep deprivation really starts to affect you. So I agree that some time around then would be good.

    As for the pediatrician, just let them know that you’ve chosen them, what your due date is, where you’ll be delivering. Then when the baby is born call and make the 2 week appointment, and have the hospital/birthing center send over the newborn chart.

    Please email me your address. I’d like to send you something. gradmommy@gmail

  2. you just hit the nail on the head woman! I do think that last couple of months start to prepare you for the reality of it all. You won’t sleep much once shes here and you’ll have to get used to being awaken from your sleep at any hour. Also, when she was inside she had certain sleep and wake patterns. When she was on the outside none of that changed for her. She napped the same (still does) and was active and moving all day long (still is, lawd!). Try taking note of that and see if shes the same when she gets out of that joint.

    For me, I have to disagree with that book. I think I needed more help the 1st few weeks she was here. By the time she was a month or so we had worked into a groove. I didn’t need as much assistance. Of course every woman and child are different so my experience might not be typical.

    Yay for millions of aunties! Jas has so many blog aunties its crazy but they all love her like she came from a sister. It’s a beautiful thing!

    • oh one more thing, my pediatrician came to the hospital and checked jas out the day after she was born. I don’t know if that’s typical but I thought it was awesome and made me feel really comfortable with her. I wish she was still jasmine’s doctor

      • with #2, my pediatrician will come to the hospital, too. I just called the office ahead of time to find out if she had privileges at my hospital.

        with #1, she didn’t, so the staff pediatrician there saw the baby at birth and then forward her notes to my real pediatrician.

        it *does* help to have another set of hands in the beginning, but maybe if your mom or another relative could be there in the beginning, your hubby could come in later. or vice versa. my husband really likes the bonding time in the beginning with the baby.

  3. 1- agreed that the pediatrician was at the hospital to see Thug Boogie when she was first born, but not sure if all docs do this.

    2- my mom stayed with me the whole first week of both my babies’ lives to do house stuff so all I had to do was nurse the kiddies and sleep/rest; see if you can get something like that in the beginning and then have Crabby come in as the relief pitcher at the 1-month mark.

    3- I’ll need your address too; I have these autographed Maxwell CDs for the nursery to send you…

  4. I just forgot what the hell I was going to say…

    Oh wait! Pediatricians! I interviewed mine beforehand (turns out my OB sends her patients to the same ped that we went with anyway, so it was kind of pointless). Anyway, I think it would be good to have an informal chat with this potential ped to make sure you guys are on the same page re: breastfeeding, vaccinations, and any other parenting choices you feel are better for you and your baby. You don’t want to butt heads or feel insecure about what you are doing with your baby’s doctor. One doc who works in the same office as our ped thinks WAY differently than our ped does and was side-eyeing and lowkey shaming things we do with HK. I am not here for that shit.

    After I had the baby, she visited twice to check him out and checked him out of the hospital. That may be standard practice, but you can check with the hospital to make sure.

    Also, I don’t know about the one month old needing more help. I thought I was going to die the first few days HK was home with us. It’s an adjustment for everyone, so he should probably be there…I’ll admit though, since Dudeguy stays home with the boy I can’t really speak to it. We were all cold chillin until I had to go back to work. If he has limited time off, you should try and get someone else to split the time like thejadednyer said above.

    And YAY for the many lactation rooms in your office!!!!!! That’s awesome.

  5. I dunno, for me, I got hit with some serious baby blues after Iris was born. For two weeks, I was barely functioning, crying a lot, unable to sleep because of anxiety, etc. My hubby took 2 weeks off (1 full week off & 1 work-at-home week), and that was just right for me. Sure, the baby didn’t need much those first few weeks, but I was a freaking mess and I would have killed him if he’d left me any earlier. One month in for me was when I was just getting the hang of things. But that’s just me, so who knows if other people were like that!

  6. Floradix– YES! My girls are on supplemental iron right now and it’s turning Ham’s teeth grey. GREY. Yes, we have an appointment with a dentist. Yes, we also have an appointment with a naturopath to figure out if we can safely give them Floradix or something like that instead.

    I recommend this post as well: It’s about baby led solids, but it has great iron-loading advice. Floradix also has the added benefit (besides not constipating you) of giving you food-based iron that you can actually absorb and use properly. Yay iron!

  7. Latoya: Are you O- like me? Either way, EFF RHOGAM SHOTS! Crabby talked to the pediatrician and she wants to do a 1-week check-up. I’m going to call her to get her views on different things.

    Krissy: Good to know. My mom will be around too; I just didn’t know if I should have Crabby there for the first few weeks and my mom come later, or vice versa. Minicorn moves when I first wake up, when I lie down at night, and after meals the most. She’ll do some random kicks throughout the day but she’s actually pretty chill. I hope that’s a good sign!!

    bridget: Thanks so much for your insight! I think Crabby would like the bonding part in the beginning too. It’s hard because she’ll be born close to the holidays and I wonder if he would enjoy being home around the holidays more (when she’ll be 1 month and older). Also the pediatrician I chose is actually 1 of the staff pediatricians where I will be delivering, but only on the weekends. So I may see her by default, or the other pedi who will forward the info to her.

    Jaded: Thank you!! Yeah, there are so many variables with Crabby. He’ll be in class, holidays are coming, different stages of newborn development, etc.

    Vinny: Aaaaarrrggghhh I see benefits to both the first few days and being there later….he may just have to split his time and I’ll have my mom fill in the rest.

    Sarah: Thanks for sharing that! Yeah, I am seeing the positive impact if he were to be there in the early days more and more. So much to consider!

    Jules: OMG!! Gray teeth! My mom tried to talk me out of Floradix, saying she read it stains teeth but I haven’t had any issues, plus it’s a liquid! I just take it like a shot so it doesn’t really touch my teeth anyway. That would be great if Ham could benefit from that instead of the pills.

  8. arguinglulu said:

    LOVE THE CAFTAN! OMG…I need one of those. Really bad. Holy smokes, hubby would think I’m crazy but geez, that looks so nice. How is it?

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