My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

28 Weeks


That’s right, bitches. 7 months in this thang. I clearly don’t know how to act.

The past week has been hard, sleep-wise and keeps getting harder. I think I found the magical combination/position of pillows and Crabby last night though. I was out. Blackout/no dream sleep. I still woke up a bit stiff, but nothing like how it has been (I woke up in tears Saturday morning because my left hip/lower back were SO sore). Magical combination = me lying on left side, body pillow both supporting my belly and between my knees, 3 stacked pillows supporting my back, 1 pillow under my head, and Crabby’s arm under that pillow giving me some slight elevation. DIVA SLEEP!

This Wednesday is my 7-month check-up. I also have to do the gestational diabetes test where I chug a gallon of orange syrup. Gross. I also have to get another Rhogam shot, due to my fairy blood negative blood type. Fun times. I have a crap-load of questions for the midwife about labor and birth, so I have a running list going in case I forget anything.

I think we’ve found a good pediatrician to use, so that’s that. Still have to figure out the childcare thing but I’m not going to stress out over it.

I was trying to consider whether paying $200 was worth it to try placenta encapsulation. Then La helpfully reminded me that that money could be going toward Minicorn’s Halloween costume fund (ideas include toaster, burrito, shark, unicorn, koala, etc).

Shower invites are going out this week. I have to find a cute dress for my maternity photos with Mackie and another cute dress for the shower.

Other than that, everything is cool. I’m just in shock that I am 7 months pregnant. Wow.

P.S. Today is the last day to enter Ramit’s $1,000 giveaway. You have to enter your name and e-mail, but he does not spam you. If you don’t want his once-weekly (or so) e-mails on behavioral psychology and personal finance (which have been extremely helpful for me), you can unsubscribe after.


Comments on: "28 Weeks" (11)

  1. Awesome. These last few months are the most uncomfortable but they seemed to go the fastest to me.

    Don’t worry about your daycare situation. Something will pan out for sure.

  2. AWWWWWWWW! Lookit your belly!!!!! *rubs it without asking permission*

  3. Yay!!! to nearing the home stretch! You look beautiful mama!! I saw this on my dashboard on Tumblr and Awwwwww’d! out loud. Everybody was like what? I showed them and they awwwww’d too 😀

  4. Go Somewhere with “fairy blood” Im not here about it, im truly not

  5. Omg, “getting crunk with babies,” just saw that. lol forever. you are a RIOT.

    You look SO BEAUTIFUL! Pregnancy clearly suits you, even if it’s not comfortable. THIRD TRIMESTER, ooh-OOOHHHHHHHHH

    I did the same thing with, like, seven million pillows, except Husband was not allowed to mess with the delicate balance I had going on with his man-arm getting all up in it. lol.

  6. Krissy: I make myself feel a little better when I remember how horrid the first 18 or so weeks were!

    Jaded: I guess I deserve it as many times as I’ve writhed on your floor without permission.

    GP: Thank you so much! As I currently have an attitude about heartburn, I will take all the flattering compliments I can get! 🙂

    QQ: If that’s the only thing you picked out of this post, you are slipping!

    Jules: bwahahaha I’m surprised every time somebody points it out because I’m so used to using that tag! Thank you so much! Yeah, last night I arranged the pillows SO PERFECTLY and WITHOUT the man-arm that I might have actually bitten him if he had tried to interfere.

  7. I actually liked how the glucose drink tastes – but I like sweet stuff. The worse part is not being able to eat before or during – I almost passed out.

  8. LaToya: Hmmm, I actually like sweet stuff too so maybe it won’t be so bad. My appointment is at 2:30 so I’ll have had lunch so I just need to make sure I can access something after.

  9. kit cloudkicker said:

    Diva sleep…

  10. Fairy blood!!!

    And that belly! You look amazing! And the third trimester is the best and worst because you’re that much closer to meeting your sweet baby but you gotta EARN that shit! I remember my sciatica pain all too clearly and that shit is for the BIRDS. I pray to all that is good and holy that that Booshit passes you by!

    Counting the days until the shower which reminds me, I have to look for plane tickets!! eeeeeee!!!!

  11. Kit: Don’t start.

    Desiree: Thank you! I am ALWAYS here for flattery when I feel like crap! 🙂 Your invite should be there hopefully this week!

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