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26 Weeks

Not much going on here! Just eating, trying to get comfortable sleep, hoping my bladder doesn’t sabotage me, starting to feel kicks in my ribs area (Minicorn don’t play me ok?), trying to find a baby shower venue (WHY IS IT SO DAMN HARD), and continuing my research on natural labor/birth and breastfeeding/pumping.

I’m reading Ina May’s book now and though it is HEAVAY on the crunchy hippie side and I’m more of a moderate hippie, it has some extremely useful techniques for approaching labor that I am excited about using. I’m never calling my vagina a yoni though, sorry.

I’m also trying to figure out what I’m going to do with my hair when she gets here. My hair is LONG, kinky, and curly. Stretched, it reaches my butt. Right now I wash/de-tangle once a week (although there were some dark times recently where I went 2-3 weeks between) in the shower and I know it takes at least an hour. I don’t know how that’s going to work with a newborn. Crabby says I can just pump and he’ll feed her while I’m doing that but that sounds like something that’s good in theory, impossible in practice. I guess we’ll see. I’ll definitely be blogging about that because I know I have some natural hair lurkers and if anyone else has addressed this in the blogsophere, there hair isn’t generally as long as mine so we face slightly different struggles. But if you know any blogs that have addressed this, holla at a playa! I don’t really want to braid my hair up or anything so I’m determined to find a way I can have it “loose” with a newborn (loose meaning in a pineapple bun though, let’s be real here).

Also, shout-out to Monkey Brains for holding me down at breakfast the past few weeks. It’s the only pre-prepared vegan strawberry oatmeal I’ve been able to find. Bonus points for the all-natural ingredients! I just made a horrible error and googled “monkey brains” looking for a link for this post. Don’t ever, ever do that. Put “monkey brains oatmeal” and thank me later. I need to un-see some things. Also don’t ever eat large bowls of Frosted Flakes when pregnant and/or dealing with constipation. Alls I’ma say is, things get painfully….sharp. Ok bye.

Also, additionally, as well, I have so much rage at Talenti for discontinuing the strawberry sorbet. So. Much. Hate in my heart. I can’t find anything similar and I don’t want any stupid popsicles right now. I even tweeted them about it. I hope they reply with a free case of secret strawberry sorbet for my pain and suffering.

Other than that, I can’t complain. 🙂 Still doesn’t feel real.

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Comments on: "26 Weeks" (7)

  1. re: hair… with my 1st I was still getting relaxers. With my 2nd I had stopped but was going to my Dominican stylist to get the sweet blowout. Having my hair straight made it easier to comb on a daily basis (can we say LAZY PONYTAIL???).

    And for real, a newborn is a lot of work but not so much that you won’t have an hour to untangle your hair in the shower, esp if Crabby is there to chip in. It might be more like every month instead of every week though. Your hair will survive if it’s healthy and strong.

  2. MrsNumbles said:

    Do you KNOW how much I miss Talenti’s pistachio gelato? DO YOU?!

    Try this URL: (her hair always looks crazy on the screen shot, but she’s really sweet and just had a baby last year)

    Or this blog: (She’s about 8 weeks ahead of you, but she’s got some useful tips, plus she just reviewed this belly butter that you might like…)

    If I think of anything else, will link you in the usual spot! Big up to minicorn(oh, and Crabby for being willing to feed MC while mummy–see the UK reference I did there?–take care of the hurr)!

  3. I was natural during my pregnancy with my son and just after. Trust me, you will have time to wash and detangle once a week. Naps are great for that or just look at it as “you time”.

  4. Thank you all for those tips and Sherbear, I’m headed to those links right now!!

  5. You’ll have time for your hair. Mo is right, naps are a great time to do it. Wear it out during the day, loosely braid or pineapple for bedtime. You’ll figure out a routine that works for you and it’ll become just that, routine.

    That baby girl will be here before you know it!

  6. Yeah, I have locks halfway down my back and I really only get a chance to get a good wash every three weeks. But I have three kids, so…with my first, my hair was natural, but I also found that I needed to keep it in twists for two weeks.

  7. Oh man, make sure Crabby gives you one hour to yourself a week. Think about it– it’s crazy how we recalibrate what we’ll accept. ONE HOUR a week of showering and doing your hair? That’s nothing, but still, we take it. Worst case scenario– you pause, nurse, and then go back in. You’ll get it done 🙂

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