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25 Weeks


I had my 6-month check-up last Wednesday. It included an ultrasound since Minicorn was being hella ratchet moving too much for them to get accurate measurements of the heart, kidneys, and spine. This time, when we saw her, she was in the most hilariously ignorant baby yoga pretzel position. I almost died. True story.

\O/ <— for those fluent in emoticon language, something like that, but instead of arms, those were her legs. I just.

Anyhoo, everything measured great. I have also FINALLY started gaining weight. I gained about 5 pounds from last month’s appointment, but I was so far in the negative before that I’m still not sure how much I’ve actually gained. I’m going to go with 5 at this point and call it a day. It seems like it’s all going to the belly and that ass.

Saturday, we had the hospital tour. *Borat voice* VERY NICE!! Views in every room, modern style, iPod stereo docks, huge bathrooms with tubs/showers for hydrotherapy, breast pumps in the bathroom (if you were to need one that early), birthing balls, all doctor equipment in the room so the baby never leaves. We passed by the nursery, which is set up for about 6 babies and it was empty besides staff. So they are serious about baby rooming in, which I love.

I realized that as excited as I am getting, I have still been a bit detached; not letting myself truly feel everything. Defense mechanisms still at work this late in the game. But I felt….almost overwhelmed being in the rooms, picturing us there in a few months. Crazy!

I had been stressing out about daycare because I can’t find any good part-time options (my mom will watch her twice a week when she works from home) that aren’t more than $200 a week. It looks like I’m going to have to find a good individual/nanny or *gasp* an in-home daycare which I realllyyyyy don’t want. We’ll see. It will work out. It will work out.

Other than that, I’ve just been reading as much as I can on breastfeeding and natural birth. The midwife tried to push us into signing up for Bradley courses, but I really don’t want to take any courses. I can learn and take in what I need to on my own (and send Crabby stuff he needs to know and prepare for). Everyone talks about the benefits of the camaraderie and etc. but those people don’t realize that Crabby and I aren’t those kind of people. We are hermit crabs. We are not sparkly shiny new group icebreaker people. So, I will continue on with the independent research. I’m actually not afraid of labor at all which I always read is a big thing to overcome. Fear causes tension, tension causes more pain. I am afraid of stuff not going “right”, whatever that means. It will work out.

The most pressing concern is returning to work after Minicorn and keeping up a milk supply, so I am reading everything I can get my hands on concerning that. If you would like to share your experience or know someone who went through this, holla at me please!

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  1. my daughter goes to an in-home daycare and has since she was 2 months old. I think that individual attention has played a huge part in her development and talking early and being so dag on smart ( beyond her 2 years). I would suggest finding a place with no infants and then she’ll be the only one. Also find a place where the caregiver is older in age. The lady who runs Jas’s daycare is in her 60s.

    I’m glad everything else is going great.

  2. Hi Krissy: I do feel more comfortable with someone older; I’d just have to make sure she was good with exclusive breastmilk and cloth diapers. Thanks for sharing that, it’s good to know Jas is having a good experience!

  3. If you want my mom’s old school Dominican recipe for an oatmeal drank (yes, drank) that is supposed to help keep up your milk supply, just say the word. It’s actually tasty. Does it work? Hell if I remember…my kids are like 40 now *weeps gently*

    Also, we had a mix of family, friends and nannies watching our girls and it was all good. You’ll find someone who just sets you at ease and that will be the right caregiver. Your motherly instinct will tell you what to do.

  4. T, have you considered a nanny share? We’ve done it twice and it’s worked out quite well. Also, I have heard good things about some in-house day-care places but of course it’s finding the right one.

    As for supply… I had a crazy supply so didn’t have any real issues but I will say that how much you can pump is no real indication of how much a baby can suckle, but pumping often will help keep up the supply, as will feeding from one breast at a time until just about empty. I’ll also second the oatmeal suggestion… and I’ve heard good things about certain mama-teas.

    How are you this far along already? It’s crazy!

  5. I’m a fan of home day care too, but also like centers. I would say tour several of both. I wasn’t able to find many centers that tolerate cloth diapers, though. It’s a pretty steep learning curve for someone who’s never done it before, and with other children to care for, it may be a tough sell.

    It is true that pumping and actual breastfeeding give different amounts of milk. With my first, I was back at work after 8 weeks and continued exclusive breast milk through 11 months. Key was sticking to the pumping schedule every 2-3 hours and only breastfeeding when I was with him. I also had my own office with a door, and the privacy was so important. When I had to pump in a common room in grad school for #2, it hindered my let down, and hurt my goals of exclusive breastfeeding. With #3, I have my own office again, so I think I’ll be okay. I found my babies tend to tank up at night, and then didn’t need so much during the day. I also like Mother’s Milk Tea – a few cups of that every day worked really well for me, along with lots of water in general.

  6. I second the nanny share idea. If you can, keep her from interacting too much with other kids for as long as you can – it’ll give her time for her little immune system to get strong, IMO. However, if you go with a daycare be bold and ask them a BILLION questions. My mom licenses daycares for a living and I’ll ask her to give you a list of the major things to ask/make sure they have/do.

    As far as cloth diapers and daycare, tell them she’s allergic to disposables. BAM, instant accommodation. If you have a cool pediatrician, they’ll have no problem writing you a note if you need it. But I don’t expect you to have an issue. When I took S to her mother’s day out program, I brought a diaper with me and showed them there was nothing to be afraid of. I send her with four diapers, her wet bag and another bag of cloth wipes and solution and they don’t even blink. It’s all in the delivery – don’t ASK if they do cloth, LET THEM KNOW how to do cloth on your Precious. Leave them no option.

    I also second the tea and the oatmeal for maintaining supply. I never did pump that much because I rarely left my house in the early days but I was always afraid of losing my supply so I had the tea every morning and ate a bowl of oatmeal when it was cool outside, which wasn’t a lot because S was born in April and it quickly became demon-hot in Dallas. But oatmeal is supposed to be good for supply, as well as all the herbs and whatnot. Do everything you can to keep up your supply and you’ll be just fine!

  7. Jaded: That’d be awesome; please do e-mail me the drink recipe!

    Zubeldia: I’ve heard of a nanny share but don’t really know what that is. I’ll look it up!

    LaToya: I’m glad to hear more good stories of home day cares. We can’t do one of the centers because we’re looking for part-time and there are none available in a reasonable distance/reasonable cost. Thank you so much for your experience with pumping. The main issue I’ll have to look out for is making sure I can pump every few hours if I need to (I work directly with college students).

    Desiree: That list from your mom would be AWESOME. I love your idea about the disposable/cloth thing. I do think it will work better with an in-home daycare than a center (as far as measuring the amount of fighting I’d have to do). It’s hot as balls here now and I’ve been eating strawberry oatmeal every morning because it’s good and filling (and because Minicorn won’t tolerate cold cereal for some reason) so I’m glad to hear about the milk benefits!

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