My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

24 Weeks

This is my attempt to somewhat sync these posts closer to the day when my weeks actually change. Originally, I liked the idea of doing it at the end of the week as a sort of reflection on what it was like, but then OCD took over and I thought about once I hit full term, there’s no telling when she will arrive and if I’ll be able to do, say, a 39 week or 40 week post, etc. So since my weeks change on Sundays, I will try to blog on Mondays.

I AM OFFICIALLY 6 MONTHS PREGNANT! Wowwwwwwwww. I never thought I’d see the day (BFF points if you read that in the I’m On A Boat T-pain voice (2:30 mark)). Minicorn is now officially viable. Meaning if she’s born at this point, she could survive. Of course she’d better stay her little enchanted ass inside until at least Halloween, but still. It’s a landmark milestone, bitches.

Also. Saturday, I noticed she was responding to my pokes. She would move, I’d poke, she’d kick back in that exact spot. MIND BLOWN. A couple of people have told me to try the flashlight trick, so I’m going to do that and try to get it on video.

I also had a “name sign”. I was catching up on Google Reader (shout-out to Julie for the tip about organizing the blogs into categories on there….GAME CHANGER) and I came upon a design blog. The blogger has recently begun painting, and the name of one painting was THE NAME WE CHOSE. It’s not a common name, and I hadn’t seen it anywhere in years, so I was all

So I’m reading this breast-feeding book Desiree loaned me and I get to this chapter:

Can we just discuss the illustration? Homegirl is GOING FOR THE GOLD. The baby’s tucked in head? I’m not going to make it.

It talks about how to tell if you have inverted or flat nipples and er um…..I think I do. FUCK. Apparently, this will make things more difficult. I haven’t gotten to the chapter on how to handle that yet, but I’m a little terrified. If there is anyone out there who went through this, HELP A SISTER OUT.


P.S. The pets have taken over my body pillow.


Comments on: "24 Weeks" (5)

  1. Yay for viability! She needs to stay put tho. that’s not an invite to come out and play lol.

    I wanna know this name damnit! Lol

    I used to play the tap game with Jas when she was on the inside. I also used to just sit and talk or sing to het while rubbing my tummy. I think those times were soothing for us both. Now I’m ready for number 2 thanks to all you current preggos! Lol

  2. qqbeans said:

    YOUR PETS ARE A RUDE!! You aint buy that for them!!!

    Try Music Too, it gets amusing ( ive tortured plenty in-utero children to know this!)

    Keep Oiling That FUPA and Undertitties

  3. You’re testing the limits of our eFriendship with that Celine gif…

  4. Julie Anita said:

    Shoutout! 😀

    NGL, after you dropped those name-clues I tried to find a design blog with artwork on it. There are… far too many for me to figure out the name you won’t tell us. My sleuthing was cut short due to the futility of the exercise… 😉

    I’m too nosy, I know. I also LOVE names so hard and I love hearing what names people are picking, plus I’m super impatient! I guess it won’t be so long now anyways since you are already at VIABILITY, GIRL, WHAT. That is so awesome 😀

  5. Krissy: Do it! She needs a sibling! 🙂

    qq: Your comment is NULL thanks to the last line

    Jaded: Whaaaaa??

    Julie: After I posted this I totally looked at my blogroll to see if I gave it away but I haven’t updated it in so long, hahaha. I love names too. I might drop more hints.

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