My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

23 Weeks

Last Saturday, Crabby and I drove up to Dallas to visit my boo Desiree, since her house sold and she will be moving far, far away! I also got to see my boo Mackie and I’m so mad we didn’t take any photos together, but just know it happened.

Desiree is the best hostess ever. She cooked a delicious vegan meal for us, bought me a vegan strawberry milkshake from my favorite diner up the street, allowed us to crash in their guest room when we were too tired to drive back, AND sent me home with bags full of baby goodies! I love her. She’s just the best. I will miss her soooo much (being dramatic now, since we already lived 4 hours apart but still).


She gave me a Bumbo seat, hella bibs, a crib thing that they can kick and it plays music, 2 Miracle blankets, bottles, all kinds of delicious goodies!

I have to say, having actual baby things in my home has made things feel more real than ever.

One very important thing that happened this week: We decided on a name! Well, I had it picked out for a couple of weeks and Crabby finally agreed to it. He didn’t like the original middle name I chose, so I’m still looking for another one. But I am so in love with this name, y’all. Music notes and sparkle hearts appear I say it out loud.

One other very important thing. My appetite finally jumped up to inhumane levels for the first time last night. I’m talking 3 adult-sized plates of my favorite penne pasta recipe. Yeah. Sorry about the whole no-leftover thing, Crabby. My bad, dawg.

Next week brings my 6-month (!!!!!) check-up/ultrasound, and a hospital tour!


Comments on: "23 Weeks" (2)

  1. WHOA- 6mos already? Where did the time go?? The hospital tour is the real-deal-Holyfield, meng! Just hope you’re not there when someone is in active labor like when I went…screaming heffa had me AND my fetus talking ’bout, “Nah, we changed our mind. No labor and delivery for us. We’re gonna stay like this forever.” O_O

  2. Love you back!!!

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