My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

More Pregnancy Dreams

The other night I had a dream I was on some spaceship with different people and we were preparing to defend against alien invaders. There was an egg in the back room that I needed to protect but nobody would listen. I was trying to hold the door to our space closed (similar to Jurassic Park when they were trying to keep the raptors out) but they broke in. Since nobody was guarding the egg, I ran back there while everyone else fought. Aliens started coming back and I started WHOOPING. ASS. I mean, moves I shouldn’t even know about. I was destroying the fuck out of these aliens. I killed one and then went crazy on another one with THAT ALIEN’S CORPSE. It was not a game.

EXACTLY like this

Then, I had a dream that it was the zombie apocalypse. Me, Crabby, and various assorted characters were in a Walmart-type store slaying the fuck out of zombies. But we were slaying them True Blood vampire style, through the heart and they died the way vampires die in True Blood (an explosion of blood and goo).

I don’t even know what’s going on in there, but these dreams are just. JUST.


Comments on: "More Pregnancy Dreams" (8)

  1. These are so your feelings about protecting minicorn. That whips my heart and at the same time I DIED reading you taking motherfuckers out with corpses. It will probably be much of the same in your waking life. Back handing niggas Tryna get too familiar to quick. And I can’t say that I’m mad. If I ever get called to defend minicorn #THECHOPPERMIGHTSPRAY.


  2. Haha. It sounds like you are going to be one protective mama if these dreams mean anything!

    I also had strange dreams when I was pregnant. Like for example that I had a little boy part growing out of my stomach (before we knew the gender of the baby who turned out to be a boy!) and that the Baby would have these steely gray eyes like his fathers (and he does!).

    Let’s hope none of your pregnancy dreams you wrote about come true! I don’t think I have enough can food saved for the zombie apocalypse and I’m not strong enough to lift a dead alien.

    I’m wishing you some less intense dreams moving forward!

  3. HA! I had weird pregnancy dreams on occasion (none that I remember, though!) but not like that!

  4. So great that you can remember yours! The last few months of my pregnancy earlier this year, I just remember having off the hook dreams, being totally freaked out, and not remember what the hell was going on.

  5. No matter what I always get a good hearty laugh from your writing, gifs and pictures. This picture slayed me!!!

    I agree that you will be very protective of minicorn (as you should). Protect yourself at all times… you got this! 😀

  6. unexpected: I think so too! I also keep seeing bluejays around. Looked up their symbolism and it’s fiercely territorial, all about protecting the next, etc! O_O Wow, that is intense and awesome about your dreams! Especially the eye color. Amazing.

    Julie: It has been insane, girl!

    LaToya: I had to document them before I forgot, because they are getting too crazy! LOL how weird! I bet that symbolizes something specific (your baby arm dreams). I’ma look it up.

    GP: Thanks girl! 🙂

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