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21-22 Weeks

Hai guys. So things are picking up a bit in the “starting to feel real” realm. Ever since the 20-week appointment, I have been feeling her kick all the time. It is pretty awesome. Except when she kicks my bladder and it feels like it lights up. Crabby got to feel her move a couple of times, but she is hatin’ pretty often. She’ll kick a bunch, then when I have him put his hand on my abdomen she’ll stop. Just sitting there lurking in amniotic fluid sniggling, in my mind.

I am also firmly in the registry vortex. Sweet Jesus. I am a researcher, so I will research the fuck out of everything. Mom blogs (including most of you who are parents)? Check. Google for the rest? Check. I researched bibs, y’all. Why the fuck are there different kinds of bibs? You mean I need Stage 1 for now and Stage 4 bibs for later? They don’t like the plastic layer underneath, but the fabric isn’t absorbent enough? Girl, what? Rinse and repeat for EVERY OTHER THING ON THE REGISTRY.

Mad shout-outs to Melissa, Desiree, and Alicia though. They have been so patient with my out-of-the blue questions regarding things such as wipe warmers for cloth wipes, organic crib mattresses, and strollers (GOD DON’T GET ME STARTED ON STROLLERS).

I think I have everything covered on the registry which frees me up to really start researching labor/birth, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and all that fun stuff. I also need to research a good part-time daycare program. My mom works from home twice a week and will keep her those 2 days so I just need 3 more.

One annoying thing is that we’ll be moving at the end of January. Packing, moving with an infant, etc. All annoying. We’re looking at places now, since the time we would normally look (November) miiiiiiight be a little busy. This way we know what we like and all we have to do then is call to verify rent prices, etc.

The OTHER annoying thing about that is I can’t set up the nursery all cute and sparkly before she gets here since that would be more shit to pack. Because that is what is most important, yes.  So I have a ‘tude about that but we’ll set it up when we move, no biggie.

Baby name beef war 2012 between the parents has begun. Other parents, how did you do this??? I hope he will see things the way I see them regarding a certain name but we’ll see. Either way, I won’t release the name until after she is here (assuming we both agree on a name before she gets here).

Other than that….what else? Hospital tour in a couple of weeks, feeling ok physically most of the time, it is hot as oven-roasted balls down here, etc.

I set a date for the baby shower since I’ll be expecting out-of-town peeps, so now to find a good venue (it will be co-ed). Next is reserving my date for maternity photos with Mackie (Some Sweet Photography), watch my mom’s collection of outfits she has bought so far grow exponentially (purple poodle pajamas YES PLEASE) (and did I mention she saved my baby clothes from the 80’s, oh yeah), and just….research and prepare. And enjoy these moments.


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  1. BethLanai said:

    moving sucks period!

    never did the registry thing not even sure they had it back then lol I had this I am superwoman crap in my head…long story and it was stupid…I did have a shower and got a few things I needed but most stuff I bought on my own cause that’s how I roll lol

    baby name…no issue I picked out the names and that was it. The boy’s father didn’t want a junior and I just let him have that even though my child is his mirror image *eyeroll*

  2. On movement: babies ALWAYS DO THAT for the dads, haha. They’re little punks, all of them! (“Little Punk” is actually the nickname my friend gave another friend’s son in-utero because he always did that when she tried to feel him move.)

    On registering: It’s easy to overdo it, but don’t forget– people will buy you a ton of blankets, burp cloths, clothes for NB and 0-3, bibs, all that stuff. I registered for bibs and didn’t get the ones I asked for, but got SO MANY that people just went and bought (a lot of people gave me baskets of stuff and bibs & the other things I mentioned above are good filler) that I’ve barely used any! The tiny ones are pretty useless unless you have a heavy drooler/early teether because you’ll want big ones when you start solids anyways (or, since you’ll have a 6-month-old in the warmer months, just go topless at mealtimes). I bought the plasticy ones with pockets for my girls and they’ve never complained. Also, you’ll get a ton of bath products and none of them will be organic unless you’re a vocal “OMG EVERYTHING MUST BE ORGANIC” type. I’ve been using “no more tears” Johnson & Johnson bath wash as hand soap for a very, very long time, lol.

    On names: We knew one of our names way ahead of time and Husband is pretty chill, so he was okay with the other name I picked out, BUT I’ve heard that the best thing to do is each make a list of your top 10 names, then switch lists and cross off the three you hate the most from the other list and circle the one you like best. If you have way, way different styles, a site like is awesome for giving you “what people think of this name” and “what this name evokes”, so it’s easier to come up with your basic style. For example, I love names like Josephine, Charlotte, Georgia, Norah, Rosemary– very flowy, vowel-laden Southern-sounding, old-fashioned names. If my husband was into a different style name– Brooke, Caitlin, Maddie, what I call “prep school girl” names– then we’d have to find something that was a middle ground, maybe a name like Emma that could fit for both of us. You’ll get there! ❤

  3. love reading you go through the process. have lots of fun with it!

  4. Desiree said:

    I cannot WAIT to see you this weekend! That is all. Because I’m going to talk you’re ear off when you’re here. This weekend. EEEEEE!!!!

  5. Child please- I chose the names and that was that. He could either like it or move the hell on O_o

    So glad to hear things are better and that you’re already nesting 🙂

  6. Beth, you are too trill. I threw everything up on that registry and we’ll see what we get, LOL. We’ll get whatever they don’t get. See, I thought since we were having a girl he would just let me have at it but NO!

    Julie: We (Crabby and I) TOTALLY have different name styles. He likes hard/harsh sounding names (to evoke a strong woman), I like soft, melodious names. I have to make him see the light because this one name is just PERFECT! I am one of those I ONLY WANT ORGANIC BATH PRODUCTS OR DEATH type people and I’m trying to convey that without sounding crazy. We’ll see how THAT goes, lol.

    LaToya: I miss you! I am so behind on Google Reader so I guess I’ll find out soon if you have updated 🙂

    Desiree: This is going to be SUCH AN EPIC MEET-UP!

    Jaded: Ugh! We soooo do not have that dynamic. I wish he would just give in!

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