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20 Weeks Update

Minicorn is a girl!!!

I forgot to come back here yesterday. My bad. If you connect with me on any other social network then of course you know I spilled the beans on Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook. So don’t taze me bro!

I was also able to confirm that the down low “heart palpitations” were indeed her. She was CRUNK. Flipping, throwin’ elbows (no really we have a photo), doing this:

I am not even exaggerating either. We have to get another ultrasound at my 24-week appointment because they couldn’t get a clear view of her heart, spine, and kidneys due to her crumping in the womb. They seem to think everything is fine though. She measured EXACTLY 20 weeks 4 days which is what the gestational age was yesterday.

I LOVE the midwife I met with yesterday. There are 5, and we meet all of them because we don’t know which one will end up at our labor. This one, Theodora, was MAGICAL. I love her. She commended me for trying to stay away from different medicines like Zofran (NO slight to those who took it, I know at least 2 women who were definitely sick enough to need it, I just wanted to try to make it without it), and to not listen to anyone saying I’m too small to be 20 weeks (have definitely heard that every day) because I have “grown the perfect size baby”. DAMN RIGHT.

Pinterest. Registry. Names. Birth Plans. Breastfeeding resources. START YOUR ENGINES.

Minicorn is now a SHE.


Comments on: "20 Weeks Update" (12)

  1. Congrats again honey. I’m so happy for you guys. Girls are awesome.

  2. Any joy and rapture I may have felt at the announcement was immediately rendered NULL and VOID by those two gifs.

    Okay, I’m lying. *does the cabbage patch all up in this place*

  3. Anti QQ has been busy at work behind the scenes pre-aunting so… *smug faces*

  4. BISSSSSSSSSSSH! I got books to send youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!! We have a girl! Yes, we. As in me…and y’all. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

    And you ain’t shit for these gifs. Not one iota of shit.

  5. Love love love

  6. So happy for you 🙂

  7. You lost me at ‘crumping in the womb.’

    Your poor daughter just has no idea what kind of shenanigans she’s about to be born into. Do you have ANY IDEA how amazing and wonderful and fabulous and CRAZY this is about to be?!?!?

    PS, I see a jewel-toned, Moroccan-princess themed nursery.

  8. I can’t even begin to express how happy I am!!!!! Now let’s revisit the little boy and the imaginary strawberry ice cream. I knew it was a girl and stayed team girl from that moment on. Yay!!! You dreamed you gave birth to a girl. Look at God!! LOL!

  9. thejadednyer said:

    Another RUDE GYAL for my Girl Army. Training begins as soon as she opens her eyes. Thanks!!! LOL

    Oh yeah, and congratulations 😀

  10. congratulations!!! how wonderful. daughters are so much fun!

  11. Julie Anita said:

    BABY GIRL!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    You know how excited I am for this! And I have a few girl-specific pinboards too, lady 😉

  12. Krissy: Thank you! I am so excited.

    Can’t: I don’t see what the problem is with these gifs. I can’t wait to see how she looks in your creation!!!

    qq: Yes, smug it up heffa. You earnin’ all types of pre-anti merit badges.

    Alicia: Ooooh, books! Of course “we” are having a girl! And the gif was for yooooouuuu!

    Kelly: ❤ You know I appreciate your support so much, lovey!

    dnwible: Thank you!

    Desiree: I SWEAR that's what she was doing! And great minds think alike re: nursery!!! 🙂

    GP: YES!!!!! That was always in the back of my mind too! Now I gotta find a cute little strawberry ice cream art print to put in the nursery 🙂

    Jaded: Did you ever finalize plans for the newborn-sized machete?

    bridget: Thank you!!! I can't wait!

    Julie: Yay, girl army! Let me mosey on over to your Pinterest. I know I follow the rainbow party board.

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