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20 Weeks

Here I am, another big milestone. 20 weeks. Halfway there. 5 months pregnant. In general, the past week or so has been pretty solid. Still not feeling sparkly, but if I get enough rest and am not constipated, I feel *good*. I have the big 20-week anatomy scan this afternoon! I’m also interested to see if I’ve gained any weight. I don’t LOOK like I have, except for my growing stomach but I’ve been eating actual food, so I think I’m good.

I’ve been on a pasta rampage and most recently this week, frito pies. Yes, I am a Texan. Through and through. Gotdamn these frito pies have been holding me DOWN this week! Lifting me up. Etc. One night a frito pie gave me THEE WORST heartburn I have ever had. You think I gave a good gotdamn? NOAP.

Me to heartburn and frito pies

Another thing I have noticed lately is that if I drink anything besides water, my stomach hurts. That goes for soda, orange juice, fruit juice, lemonade, whatever. I guess it’s a good thing, but damn. Can a bitch get some flavor?

I think I experienced round ligament pain the other night. My What To Expect app warned me of this in my weekly update. The uterus has begun stretching with the weight of the growing minicorn and you can feel pain. Boy did I feel it! It almost felt like a pulled groin, but a little higher. It hurt to walk. I could barely lift my leg in the shower to reach my feet. So painful. It seems to have subsided though.

I felt that I would “look pregnant” when strangers started commenting. I think for a while, if I didn’t wear tight-fitting clothes, I could maybe look bloated or like I had a beer belly so I was still in that gray zone where people didn’t wanna get caught slipping and ask if I was pregnant. But I’ve gotten 2 comments in the past week: A co-worker from another department who said Congratulations when we passed each other on the stairs and my favorite waitress from my favorite fried tofu place. So I officially look pregnant on all these hoes.

I was about 50% sure I felt the baby move/kick but I didn’t think anything of it. Then yesterday and this morning it went to 75% sure. I felt what felt like heart palpitations, but down low where the baby is. I also felt a weird stomach growl type feeling, but I wasn’t hungry. That was also down low. When I get the ultrasound today, I’ll see if I feel it while I see the baby moving so I’ll know for sure.

Which brings me to my final point. THIS IS THE OFFICIAL GUESS THE SEX OF MINICORN POST. LEAVE YOUR GUESS IN THE COMMENTS (even if you guessed before). I shall return later with the answer.

I love how heaven’s rays are shining down on us. Mm-hmm the gods have favored us. Yes I have been watching/reading too much Game of Thrones. Shut up.


Comments on: "20 Weeks" (10)

  1. So I’m gonna say it’s a girl, only bc minicorn’s obviously STANKNESS is what’s causing you to not keep any food down and feel blah. Girl babies beez that way sometimes SMH

  2. Ima need you to warn a bitch when you just gonna sprinkle ratchetry on your posts henceforth

  3. I was going to guess boy(because I want a rockhead minicorn), but with all this heartburn I’m switching my official vote to girl because they be on that nonsense!

    Snape? My body is ready? *unsubscribes*

  4. I had been thinking boy but looking at you on that pix has me torn. I’m gonna guess girl

  5. I don’t wanna do this with you for another 5 months. Don’t, don’t, don’t….

    I’d guess girl with all of these symptoms and ish, but I can see the script being completely flipped just cause it’s you, so BOY.

  6. I’m officially predicting girl! šŸ™‚ Good luck and I can’t wait to hear back!

  7. oh, and I am also certain those were kicks you are feeling. Have you been feeling them everyday? thats a tell tell sign

  8. It’s a girl, Girly!!!

  9. The girls have it! šŸ™‚

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