My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

19 Weeks

Well, I still don’t feel sparkly, but I don’t feel like death either. And in comparison, that’s pretty much sparkly, right? K.

This week I’ve started feeling sore, especially when I wake up. I need to quit trippin’ and get that body pillow in full effect. I can only sleep on 1 side, the magical left side which makes everything sore, stiff, and dead in the morning.

I had a random ninja stomach-acid vomit session yesterday (or was it Tuesday? I don’t know time anymore). Don’t know what that’s about.

I borrowed my SIL’s home Doppler to try to find Minicorn’s heartbeat since it would be awhile until our next scan and I was anxious over stopping the baby aspirin and subsequently killing Minicorn. Yes, these are normal thoughts for post-loss preggies. Shut up. I found it yesterday and was comforted.

Quick ninja scan Saturday with Crabby’s co-worker who wants to finish what she started last time (she guessed the sex but wasn’t 100% sure). Then, official 20-week anatomy scan next Thursday where they’ll officially tell us the sex, as well as how many fingers Minicorn has, how them organs lookin’, and other important things.

I set a date for the baby shower, mostly so I could let all my out-of-town peeps know in advance. After next week, I’ll start thinking about the shit-gets-real things.

I’m also going to look for a part-time daycare as my mom works from home twice a week and will keep Minicorn those days (plus she’s considering retiring in the next year or so).

Still haven’t felt Minicorn move >: – l but at a friend’s baby shower I went to last Saturday, I met a woman there who didn’t feel the baby move until about 25 weeks when she had an anterior placenta, so I felt a little better. Still salty, but better. She’s also using the same midwives/hospital I am and gave me all the juicy details on how fabulous the hospital room is. Jacuzzi tub to labor in the water, queen-sized bed for spouse or partner to sleep in, no nursery to encourage medical staff to do everything baby-check-wise in the room with the parents, etc. Sounds niiiiice.

I need to find a good pool so I can go swimming.

Also: I’ve been reading Ramit’s material for years. He is having a rent giveaway right now where he will contribute up to $2,001 for your rent. That would be 2 months rent for us, so I’m trying to enter the shit out of this giveaway. Y’all should enter too. If you didn’t use the money for rent, what else would you use it for? Debt? Travel? Kids? Shopping? Beauty? Holla. And sign up here if you want to enter.


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  1. we need belly pics with these posts woman! I’m glad you don’t feel like death, that would suck ass. You’ll feel that baby moving soon enough and you’ll probably cry like a weenie( in a good way) when you do.

    I’d for damn sure put that money in my savings or pay my rent. Its 2 months worth for me tooo and would be a complete blessing

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