My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

16-18 Weeks


Jesus, where do I start? I’m not taking anymore breaks because Minicorn needs detailed documentation of the havoc he/she has bestowed upon me.

Um, let’s see. 18 weeks 3 days here. Sounds good and pregnant. It STILL DOES NOT FEEL REAL. SO SURREAL. Wowsers. I had an out-of-body experience thinking that I basically have 4 full, solid months before shit gets oh-so-real. Wow. I can’t believe I’m here.

My belly is growing. Oh, fun new symptom–my skin is starting to tear on my tummy and sides! That’s always neat! So itchy, I just want to claw that entire area off. I had been using almond oil, but it is wearing off too fast. Side-note, whenever I do that, I hate my friend QQ SO MUCH because of her texts about “don’t forget the under-titty and FUPA area” and to include the booty cheeks even though I’ll look like a “mating seal”. So much hate in my heart for this woman.

I even resorted to the Shea Moisture lotion even though I still can’t stand that scent. InnyVinny recommended this Alba lotion or Carol’s Daughter Sexy Belly. I might go with the Alba lotion because it has sunscreen in it and I have a 5-10 minute walk to and from my office every day and Houston’s sun is deadly right now.

Vomming….the last time I vommed was my birthday, May 25th. THANKS MINICORN! All over my mom’s carpet and then bathroom floor. Yep. Made it to the toilet on the 3rd heave though, so there’s that. I’m 28 now!

I have officially switched to the midwives (same practice, same hospital). My first appointment was May 29th. During that appointment I found out I had only gained 1 pound in 1 month :-/ so she told me to force myself to eat every 2 hours. Ugh.

The food thing has been getting better. My brief, torrid affair with meat is over. I didn’t like it when I was eating it, and now it makes me sick to think about it. Still smells good sometimes though. So I guess I’m semi-vegetarian for now. I made my world-famous vegan baked ziti and Crabby and I acted like we had no home training and destroyed it. Nothing like good home cooking. So since Minicorn let me have pasta, I’ve been pasta-ing it up the past couple of weeks. Bonus is it should allow me to start gaining some weight.

I’ve been getting hash browns and a fruit cup from Chic-fil-a every morning on my way to work. Yumz.

Sleep. I had been experiencing these weird heart palpitations when I was lying down and realized I was lying on the forbidden right side (although some say you can still use your right side, it has become uncomfortable for me). So, can’t sleep on stomach, back, or right side. So many options. But, I switched sides with Crabby and have been sleeping on my left side and it is unbelievable the difference it has made. No heart palpitations, lessened heartburn, deep almost dreamless sleep, etc. The downside is I am waking up with my left leg numb or sore. I think my body pillow will help with that; I just need to wash the cover (haven’t used it since the last pregnancy).

I finally ran out of the annoying DHA pills I was taking and I think I’m going to give those a hiatus for now. I am tired (so is my gag reflex) of swallowing pills. My baby aspirin ran out too and I have tentatively decided not to re-up. I am having anxiety about that though. I’m going to borrow my SIL’s Doppler so I can check on Minicorn’s heartbeat just in case. So all I’m left with are my Unicorn Gummy Prenatals. And life was good.

Also, I haven’t felt any movement yet 😦 I’m so looking forward to that. I have an anterior placenta so supposedly I may not feel Minicorn until a bit later. Boo.

Woo chile and my friend took me for birthday pedicures. Can I just say how good it felt to have a foot/leg massage (no ankle early labor pressure-points), a soak in that hot water, and to just have my feet up? GAWD it was world peace.

Painful full bladders are painful. Once it fills up, I have to do this crab-waddle to the nearest facility.

Hmm, what else?

Oh, we had a ninja ultrasound a couple of weeks ago courtesy of Crabby’s co-worker to guess the sex of Minicorn. My official anatomy ultrasound is the 21st of this month. So you’ll just have to wait to hear until then 🙂 I’ll probably set up an official guess the sex post to see where you all stand.

I’m also going to just chillax and start thinking of serious stuff after the 20-week appointment/scan. Things like daycare, labor and birth, etc. Lord.

Oh, how bout some belly photos since I’ve been absent?

This was my official 4-months pic, taken 2 weeks ago. 2 more weeks until 5 months! Whaaaaaaatttt.

Beach time, the day after my birthday. Unzipped and unbuttoned shorts, mm-hmm. And they still had the nerve to be tight.

Chillaxin in the back of my car, reading, while listening to the ocean waves. And my sun hat is oh-so-fly.



Comments on: "16-18 Weeks" (10)

  1. yay! I’ve been waiting on you to update. I follow you on instagram so I see all your cute belly pics lol.

    About now you should have started feeling the little kicks but you’re probably right, you won’t feel them until later on when they get a bit harder. This early they don’t quite feel like “kicks” more like gas bubbles lol

  2. Wait until kicks turn in stretching and poking out of the butt. I’m so happy everything has been ok. I’m going to guess the sex now and say any baby causing this much havoc must be a girl. 🙂

  3. qqbeans said:

    May i Snatch your sun hat?!?

    Also, Stop besmirching im only being helpy, bet you wont forget to lotion up doe!

  4. glad you are back :), i was getting a little worried….

  5. lol @ the full bladder crab-waddle. that is such an accurate term for it. unfortunately, i know this experience too well!

  6. oh and Bio oil is good for the skin stretching

  7. Krissy-That’s what I’ve also been wondering; if I’ve felt Minicorn but don’t know that it’s actually Minicorn.

    Monique: I have recorded your guess for posterity. You will need to enter it again on the official guess post though :-p

    qqbeans: Target, girl! Getchu one! Oh wait you have one right? I remember your nood IG.

    bridget: I’m good! Thank you for checking on me 🙂

  8. Yay for the update! You look beautiful! Still team baby girl pink. 🙂

  9. the (Long Lost) BULLY said:

    I also say it’s a girl… Down in South Georgia, they say women carry boys in their booty. (So, if your butt aint getting all huge, it’s a girl.

  10. Thanks GP 🙂

    BULLAY! Junk in the trunk has not increased to my knowledge. Your vote is duly noted.

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