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15 Weeks


Where are the sparkly days of pregnancy? WHERE THEY AT??

Let’s see, I left off at throwing up Cheerios at work. The next day I was just chillin, minding my business at home, and threw up my dinner. Sigh.

This morning when I was getting ready to leave for work I sneezed really hard 4 times in a row. Which triggered my gag reflex. Which triggered me throwing up stomach acid. Which triggered me tinkling a bit on myself while throwing up said stomach acid. Fuck everything.

Still not gaining weight, still not able to eat much. I tried Ensure vanilla and good Hades, that shit was disgusting. I have strawberry in my fridge but I’m afraid to try it.

Any ready-made calorie-full suggestions you guys have, I’ll take. Not snacks, but meal-replacement shakes, etc. Keep in mind I haven’t been able to cook/prepare smoothies on my own so pre-made is what I need right now. Halp.

I don’t know if I mentioned this last time and I’m too lazy to open another tab and check, but I switched from OB to midwives. Same practice, same hospital affiliation, just midwives. My first appointment is the 29th, so I’m excited about that. My birthday is the 25th, on a Friday. I was born on a Friday so it’s an extra awesome long holiday weekend.

I can’t believe I’m almost 16 weeks. When I was trying to conceive, I used to think about the 15-16 week mark specifically. I could never imagine being “that” pregnant. It sounded so….real. Now that I’m here, it STILL doesn’t feel real. I still don’t feel “pregnant” per se, just sick. Like I need an episode of Mystery Diagnosis (shout-out to Discovery Health). Maybe I’ll feel “pregnant” when we find out if Minicorn is a boy or girl? Maybe when I feel Minicorn moving, though I have an anterior placenta which can muffle movement when most other women can feel it, THANKS FOR THAT YOU’RE JUST THE GIFT THAT KEEPS GIVING MINICORN! I kid. <—- See what I did there?

Anyhoo, if you need me I’ll be trying to think of things I can eat without thinking too hard because food makes me sick. K bye.


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  1. Pediasure. I think that’s how it’s spelled. Try that. It’s for kids so you may need to drink 2. Those are for kids who are too damn picky to eat real food.

  2. Try Special K’s protein shakes. they come in chocolate (my fave), vanilla and strawberry. Hope you feel better. Throwing up is the worst!

  3. Damn, I’m real late. Congrats on the pregnancy! Sorry to hear about the sickness. Hope it passes soon. I’ve only tried Ensure so I hope the other suggestions work great for you.

  4. qqbeans said:

    Im not even going into Where They At (NVM I AM!, were you wearing pregnancy camo skort when you said this?)

    Aye boo: my sister had one of them horrible vommity joints with Hannanimals, she says she only gained literally at the very end and that the pedialyte and ensure and shakes you gonna take Better be Ice Cold

  5. Boost shakes are really good and the Naked brand smoothies…..Feel better!

  6. Julie Anita said:

    Seconding Pediasure, and if you can handle Ensure kind of stuff, that too. Even milkshakes, anything!

    How are you feeling today? It’s been a few since your last update, hoping all is well. You’ve got the gender ultrasound around the corner– it’s a nice reward (if you want to find out) for all the work you’re doing surviving the first half of pregnancy!

    Hoping the nausea is on its way out and the “fun” part of the 2nd trimester is on its way in!

  7. CO: Thank you dearie!
    QQ: You do be knowing my heart.

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