My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.


I was going to put this on Tumblr but I eventually want to make a book for Minicorn and Tumblr’s archives are a bitch to search.

Sunday night I had a dream Crabby and I went to Sprinkles to redeem our coupons for free cupcakes (something we actually have in real life). Then, when we got outside, it had gotten dark. Crabby parked really far so we set off. Then, a cat jumped off of a chair (yes, outside. I don’t know.) and ran toward us like it was going to attack us so we ran. Another cat came toward us. Crabby ran ahead to get the car and I was trying to keep up while screaming my face off, terrified.

Dream analysis says if you’re a cat lover, and you’re getting chased/are afraid of the cats in the dreams, the cats represent femininity, power, sexuality, etc. and I could be afraid of that element of myself. What’s more feminine than being pregnant and giving birth? Craaaaaaaaazaaaaaaaay.

The next night I had a dream I gave birth to a girl. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. I just want to document these before I forget about them.

Also, I just threw up for the first time at work. Guess Minicorn doesn’t like Multigrain Cheerios. Thanks for letting me know.  -__-


Comments on: "Dreams" (4)

  1. qqbeans said:

    This is rude but ive never laughed this hard about a person throwing up in my life “thanks for letting me know” is what pushed me over the cliff

  2. I already made a pact with La to extract revenge via embarrassing Halloween costumes. You in?

    • qqbeans said:

      DUUUHHHH: im into Anything embarrasing to people’s kids: Photobombing, Costumes, cutesy names, embarrasing picture pullouts, rude poses with baby, laughing at struggle faces ( see my instagram) etc etc

  3. I threatened to spank my baby as soon as she came out for causing ruckus but she was so flipping cute I couldn’t do it lol

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