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13-14 Weeks

Last week’s post got away from me! I meant to update after my last check-up on Thursday. Hey guess what?! I hit 14 weeks yesterday which means (if you go by the 42 week pregnancy; 2 weeks past estimated due date) I am now officially for real for real in the 2nd trimester! I am officially 1/3 of the way through pregnancy! Whaaaaaaaaaaat? How did I get here (no Deborah Cox)??

This is so surreal but I am starting to get excited. I started working on a registry with basic things like crib, etc. Shout out to Melissa, Desiree, and Vinny for all their detailed help so far.

The other good news is that I am feeling so much better! No more nausea except if I get really hungry or overeat. The ever-annoying food aversion symptom is still hanging around suppressing my appetite. Hopefully that gets better in the next couple of weeks.

But y’all. The evening after I posted the 12 week blog post. Had a couple of slices of pizza at a work gathering. Went home. Crabby had the idea of grinding my prenatal into a powder and taking it that way because I kept choking/gagging/throwing up when it was whole or even cut into pieces. I had reservations because I could tell the taste was gross and it is a HUGE pill which would mean a fuckton of powder. But I was desperate. So I did it. FATAL MOTHERFUCKING ERROR. As SOON as the powder hit my tongue I had to run to the bathroom to spit it out. Then up came the pizza. And everything else that had even thought about being in my stomach. Mind you, I already had an ulcer/canker sore at the back of my tongue or throat from throwing up so much. Y’all. I threw up SO BADLY my throat was burned to the point of bleeding. My uvula was swollen so that it felt like I was choking on something everytime I swallowed. It hurt like knives to swallow. I couldn’t talk. It was AGONY. I couldn’t go to work that Thursday or Friday.

That weekend I hit up Target and found the gummy prenatals that a blog commenter so thoughtfully AND ANGELICALLY SUGGESTED NO SERIOUSLY THANK YOU. They have been saving my life deliciously EVERY NIGHT SINCE. God bless America.

I’ve only thrown up once since then; Saturday after gagging while brushing my teeth. I had video game hacked THAT even because someone on Twitter said it’s almost imporssible to gag while humming. So I tried that and hadn’t thrown up while brushing my teeth at all. But Saturday I forgot to hum; I was daydreaming about leggings and tunics or something. It wasn’t that bad, just stomach acid and it didn’t even burn. My throat is probably completely scarred over at this point.

BUT I’M FEELING GOOD Y’ALL! The other great news is that the cyst on the umbilical cord has completely resolved….it’s GONE! Yay!

I’ve also lost a bunch of weight. I actually weigh less than I did before I got pregnant O_O The OB didn’t seem concerned though; and friends/family have told me it’s common.

I’m going to switch over to the midwives from this point on (still in the same hospital); I am just waiting for them to call to set up an appointment. 6 more weeks until we find out the sex of Minicorn. I still think boy but man I have been getting some HARDCORE girl signs lately. We’ll see.


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  1. kit cora said:

    The cyst went away?!!! Shit man. I know you’re so relieved, as am I.

    Now you can bust that pregnant slow twerk you been waiting to hit.

    *pussy pops on a bootleg handstand. You know, the 1 where you use both legs to prop you on a wall because you can’t hold your bodyweight* for no more nausea!!!

    I want to see what all you registered for.

  2. Krissy said:

    Amen for that cyst being gone. I’m happy you’re feeling better. I’m still feeling boy vibes from you but girls are awesome

  3. Whoo, the cyst is GONE! *happy dance* That’s damn good news. And no more of the booting(Brit for vomiting, dontchaknow)! Bring on Part two of the Pregnancy Saga!

    Yeah, I feel like I’m getting updated in a book series or something every time I come here….

  4. wow, glad the cyst is gone! also glad that the gummy prenatals have been better for you!

  5. I know a LOT of ladies who lost weight in early pregnancy. It’s all good. I’m just excited for you that you’re coming out of the first trimester and into the smoother sailing part, I hope. And dude, also… SECOND TRIMESTER! I know I did a little infertile-girl dance every time I hit a “maybe this will actually turn into real babies” milestone.

    Gummy vitamins are LIFE, the rest is just details. Yes, I dated myself there. Seriously, though, I never got gummy prenatals (I got mini pills instead and took 3 at a time, but I didn’t have any MS so it was okay) but I take gummies all the time now and it encourages me to actually remember to take them at all.

  6. Tamara said:

    kit: You know where the door is, though.

    Krissy: I don’t know what to guess now! I’m getting sooooo many girl signs.

    Can’t: Booting is an awfully nice way to put it! Maybe I should start naming the posts Harry Potter style? Gem and the Order of the Fetus?

    bridget: The gummy prenatals have been LIFE SAVING.

    Julie: Yesssss, you feel me! I’m starting to feel like this might be for real! I seriously sit back, relax, and have a bit of me-time when it’s gummy vitamin time. My husband keeps trying to steal mine!

  7. I’m still team girl until you tell us different lol. I’m so happy the cyst resolved and that you are progressing along. YAY!

  8. I told you there wasnt no cyst.
    I also told you tums would keep that stomach acid in check.
    I think you need to eat a steak…vegan or nay. Steak will help with that nausea. Word to life. And some plain white rice…grate some ginger root in that rice. And drink some tea. I am so happy you are doing well.
    Team Ronan. Thank you.

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