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12 Weeks

Wheeeeee, I made it! Technically, the 2nd trimester begins at 13 weeks but I’m here! The magical feel-better feeling, you come anytime now! Seriously!!!!

I met with the high-risk doctor today. Minicorn had grown enough to get the measurements, but it would not move into the position the tech wanted for anything. She was jiggling my stomach which made me want to kick her in the throat, and Minicorn was like LOL SO?? I mean, fetus in there just chillaxin, feet up in the air and everything. She finally got her measurement, said everything looked normal, and said they would check the cyst (if it’s still there) at 20 weeks. Now I just wait for my bloodwork results.

Still feeling sick though not all day like it has been. I threw up again last night, which I’m thinking was Minicorn’s slightly assholey way of telling me it doesn’t like ravioli. FINE MINICORN THAT’S WHY I ONLY BOUGHT 1 CAN, DAMN! My vomit count is up to 7. And because you all care, let’s look at some vom stats.

Vom 1: Brushing my teeth in the morning, gag, throw up stomach acid
Vom 2: Cleared my throat in the morning, gag, throw up stomach acid
Voms 3 + 4: Chugged prune juice, projectile vom
Vom 5: Brushing my teeth in the morning, gag, throw up stomach acid
Vom 6: Brushing my teeth in the evening after eating my 1st enjoyable meal in months, decide to go rogue and gargle some mouthwash, choke, gag, vom. RIP beautiful meal.
Vom 7: Just a random GET THIS SHIT OUT OF MY NUTRIENT SYSTEM vom, throwing up Chef Boyardee’s creation.

So I’d say Voms 3, 4, and 6 were my fault. This has been a statistical analysis of voms to date. You’re welcome.

Crabby and I are back on Team Boy now. Just feeling boy energy, along with several friends. Still aways to go but you all need to get 1 boy name and 1 girl name suggestion ready for the Name Reaping (if you haven’t read/seen Hunger Games, do).

It feels good to say I’m 12+ weeks. It truly does. Now I’m hit with how much there is to do in what seems like a really short amount of time. Baby items. Baby shower. Baby registry. Write a will? Life insurance for baby? Regular insurance for baby? Social Security Card for baby? Read on techniques to help me achieve a natural labor? What do I even bring to labor? What do I need to ask the doctor about her philosophy in the hospital? Am I sure I don’t want a midwife? BABY NAAAAAMESSSSS. Baby thangs. I think when I get to the point where I can actually feel Minicorn move, shit might get really real.

Here I am at 12 weeks. Being sick foiled the plans I had to do all those cute week by week photos I had planned, so I’m going to do monthly ones at 12 weeks, 16, and so on.

Even though I’m showing, I have actually lost weight. I really hope my appetite picks up soon; I’m starting to get worried. Starting in the 2nd trimester I’m supposed to be monitoring my weight to make sure I’m gaining around 1 pound a week. For those of you who went through food aversions and low appetite, did it get better? When?

Oh P.S. If you comment and don’t subscribe to comments, do know that I respond to all comments! Sometimes I reply to them all after I publish the newest post. But subscribe to the comments, dammit! I feel like I’m talking to shadows in the wind.


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  1. Damn, you look beautiful! love it. Honestly I am feeling better but not without zofran but around 13 or so weeks the worst of the worst departed, and I am no longer throwing up 10 times day. It was the same with Rafi…. and though I was still sick I still felt like a new woman from 13 or so weeks out.

    I honestly didn’t gain much in my last pregnancy because of my sickness and Rafi was a very healthy 7 pounds 3 oz and 9 days early. You will gain weight as you hit the mid part of the second tri so try not to worry too much, but eat what you can. I am having a lot of shakes, right now, and it’s really great because I’m now able to eat more healthy food at almost 16 weeks.

    I can hardly believe that we’re both at this point!! I could squeal!

  2. True story, Tamara, I teared up a bit and felt such a jolt of joy when I saw your belly pic. I guess it’s just recognizing that it has been a real journey and it’s so very thrilling to see things going right for you. πŸ™‚ You look beautiful!

  3. TUMMY!!!!! OhMyGawd let me make a wish or something, you look so cute and mini and squeezable and……

    *clears throat* Sorry.

    *crosses prune juice off my foodie list FOR LIFE*

    So glad you’ve made it this far, Dixie…I love seeing your weekly updates since I’m all the way the fugg over here in England. But I’m gonna need you to stop changing sides and ish. I just got used to Team Double X!

  4. this is awesome and your preggo pic is supa cute! you’re wearing my fav color too.

    I’m so happy for you. Glad you’ve made it to this point. I hope you can really really start enjoying it soon without the yacking and not eating and what not. a few more weeks and you should be able to start feeling your baby more around in there. It does get extra real when it gets to that point.

  5. YAY — 12 weeks!!!! So, so happy for you. Can’t wait to see more pics πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing.

  6. ZOMG THE BELLY!!! So much SQUEEEE! You are glowing! Of course that could be post-vom sweat….

    I am So Sorry you have to get the voms, that sucks so much balls. Here’s hoping Minicorn will lay off in the second tri.

    I’m so happy you’re doing these weekly posts and I Cannot WAIT for the one where there’s MOVEMENT! So happy for you!!!

  7. kit cora said:


    You are one if the cutest people I’ve ever seen. This photo is so darling. Can’t eem lie, these weekly updates be the highlight of my week & shit. Squeeeee! I see it for a boy though I started on team girl.

    All the planning is going to be so exciting!!! YEEEEEEEE! But wait, i didn’t know you could eat chef boyardee…

    Again my name for the reaping is Rue Ivy.


  8. Woohoo! 12 weeks! Can I hit my dougie now? LOL

    Yes, there is tons to do to prep for Minicorn’s arrival but the first thing I suggest doing is getting the What to Expect When You’re Expecting book and find you a good midwife. You may be a high risk pregnancy but Midwives and Doulas are wonderful. I felt less pressure when dealing with them. Check LaLeche to see if any breastfeeding moms can recommend any. Hold off on registering until around 6 months or closer to your shower. People will probably start gifting you stuff early so this way you can ease into. The most important thing right now is keeping both of your healthy and informed.

    Sign up for all your birth classes now (they will come around fast). Select classes that are available when you’re around 5-6 months or so. Begin writing your birth plan (at least an outline) and register at your hospital. And finally – bask in the pregnancy glow (sans the vomit). πŸ™‚

    Congrats again to you!

  9. I’m actually against “What to Expect…” That book is full of anxiety producing information and not-very-helpful advice around diet especially. I suggest just talking to women you know who have been pregnant and had babies and stay away from all books and websites. But that’s just me.

    I agree that a midwife is a great thing to have. I loved mine, for both of my last two. A doula is a great idea, but typically won’t see you until the last trimester (that’s been my experience).

    I forgot to register at the hospital (LOL) for this last baby, but I had a false labor episode and they just registered me there. You can’t get a SSN for the baby or sign up for insurance until after he/she is born (you have to provide proof of birth.)

    Don’t worry about the weight – eat when you’re hungry and try to eat healthy. But treat yourself when you need to. And he/she will get theirs. Take your vitamins (although I didn’t for this last pregnancy, b/c they made me queasy, but it’s still a good idea, of course πŸ™‚

    Register, but accept everything that people are willing to give you. I had nothing for baby #3 (gave away everything a week before I found out I was preggo), but my friends and even acquantainces gave me SO much – I have only bought two outfits, and that was only because I really liked them. Friends gave me a stroller, bassinet, co-sleeper, crib…I only had to buy a car seat (you’ll want that new anyhow for safety) and other things I wanted but didn’t need.

    But this is all just my advice. Listen to yourself most of all. Very happy for you πŸ™‚

  10. you’re having a boy. name him pretty tony. : )
    glad you are feeling better. tums will neutralize the acid. stop eating chef boyardee from a can and maybe pretty tony won’t get crunk in your womb. also, bananas will make him happy, which will make you happier. avoid beans. please.

    the vitamins are hurlworthy…but they are for your health. the baby will get everything he needs from your body and what little you eat. yuca/cassava is good stuff. sweet potatoes are great for your energy and mood. I say you should eat a nice steak at least once a week…but thats just my own opinion. I know you are vegan…but your body wants a steak, truuuuuuuust me. thats all for now. ❀

  11. Zubeldia: Thank you! You know, I still haven’t gotten my Zofran filled. I tend to talk myself out of pain/nausea like oh, it’s not that bad….until I throw up again 😦 I’m glad to hear Rafi was still healthy as sick as you were. I am definitely taking notes!

    Sarah: You’re making me tear up! Thank you. Your support has been so appreciated and of course I am still here for you.

    Can’t: Whatever you do, don’t poke me Pillsbury style. We would both regret it. Well, I was an irresponsible prune juice user. I’m sure in recommended small doses it would work. I drank way too much. Prune juice is not for chugging O_O

    Krissy: My favorite color too! It is everything.

    dnwible: Thank you so much!

    Desiree: I’m thinking a combo of post-vom sweat and sunlight.

    kit: You got Beef with Team Boyardee? See what I did there? I swear, one day you are going to forget you said that and then that’s when the beating will occur.

    Monique: I put What To Expect on my Kindle but it’s not really serving everything I need. I think if I keep my OB for the hospital then I will definitely get a doula; I think Crabby and I would benefit. I think I will start looking up the different kinds of classes available now. Thanks!

    gradmommy: Yeah, it wasn’t my cup of tea. I wish there was something like The Organized Guide to Pregnancy type book. I don’t do well with a ton of choices and fuzzy deadlines, I tend to just float around (air sign). I need some structure! In my next post I’m going to detail the vitamin changes I was forced to make because of nausea. I hope you’re doing well with your new little one; I’m on my way to your blog!

    Cas: I think it’s a boy too but NEIN on Pretty Tony. My next post will describe the nightmare vomit episode I had Thursday night, but I did have some Tums after that. They were tropical flavored. Kind of yummy like Pez candy. I had been doing fruit smoothies (including banana) but I’ve been too sick to make them and Crabby has been getting up too late to make them. I actually haven’t eaten vegan since about 5 weeks but steak is on my lengthy food aversions list. I can’t even smell it or I’ll gag. That’s the issue now; I can’t eat much.

    • I wasnt serious about pretty tony. LOL. I was thinking about QQ’s love for ghostface.

      What about ginger root. Can you chew on some ginger root and maybe drink ginger tea. One of my friends had to take that zolfran. She said it wasnt so bad. GNC has this little portable smoothie maker. Both of my sons have it and they take it everywhere. I think its 39.99. Freeze some ripened bananas and strawberries. Make yourself the smoothie at work. Not sure how you feel about protein powder, but you can add that as well. I hope you feel better soon.

      I like the names Ronan for a boy or Avaline (spelled Aibhlinn in Gaelic).

  12. congrats on making it to the end of the first trimester! you look great! this time around, i actually lost 7 pounds during my first trimester because of really bad indigestion/lack of appetite.

    i’m just now getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight now that i’m at 20 weeks, but the baby is doing well and is the correct size. the smell of cooking food nauseates me, but i’m trying to stick with smaller, nutritious meals. huh? my chipotle from yesterday counts as nutritious, right?

  13. Tamara said:

    Cas: I like both of those names! Adding to the Excel sheet πŸ™‚

    bridget: I’m always reassured to hear others who lost weight during their first trimester. It is rough! Yes, Chipotle counts *scientific nod*

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