My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week. One thing I love about blogging and social media is so many women are sharing their stories. Whether you are aware of it or not, you likely know someone who has gone through (or is going through) infertility (or know someone who knows someone…etc).

My request to you, if you have never gone through this, is to just be more thoughtful. Think before you ask a woman “When are you having kids” (which is a quite rude and personal question anyway, let alone assuming they want kids). Think before you put up April Fool’s jokes on Facebook saying “I’m pregnant! LOL J/K!!!!” Everyone goes through their own struggle and infertility unfortunately, is still a silent struggle for too many women today.

I try to keep myself pretty open to questions about pregnancy loss and infertility so people don’t feel uncomfortable asking, and maybe women who have gone through it will feel like they don’t have to keep quiet about it (of course if you WANT to, that’s an entirely different thing). Even with my struggles, I am lucky that I was able to eventually conceive without fertility treatments (though there’s still a long road, Minicorn is not yet here), but I appreciate this journey and the things/people it has shown me.

The homegirl Julie wrote an awesome post on her own experience that I think you all should read, so head on over.


Comments on: "Infertility Awareness Week" (4)

  1. Kingsmomma said:

    You know that’s the first things thought about when jay-z made that song. How many times did reporters and everyone ask beyonce when she was having a baby and how it had to have made her feel when she at some point had a miscarriage. Everyone takes fertility for granted. I most definitely have changed my outlook on this.

  2. Thanks for the read, Dixie. Will pass it on, too…

  3. KM: That’s actually what I thought about too. I always had this “feeling” it wasn’t easy to conceive for B, and that song confirmed it. I hope everyone who badgered her about it is checking themselves hard now.

    Can’t: ❤

  4. You shouted me out! I’m honored 😀 Thank you, Favorite Pinterester! Hee.

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