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10 Weeks

Hi. Fatigue has set in heavy this past week or so. I know for sure I’m not getting enough sleep and I’m trying to fix that.

Last week I threw up for the first and second times. Even though I’ve been nauseated, the vomit festivals were not connected to the nausea at all. Nay, this was due to my gag reflex.

My gag reflex lately

I sleep with the fan on which usually gives me a dry/scratchy mouth/throat in the morning. To rectify this I always drink water as soon as I get up. We were displaced last week due to a power outage so my normal routine had been altered since we were staying with my mom. So I decided to be fancy and clear my throat sans water. Something got caught, I felt my stomach tsunami up and it all went to hell after that.

The 2nd time, I was brushing my teeth and must have gone too far back or the toothpaste traveled to far back….drag me to hell again. Both times were on an empty stomach so it was just stomach acid coming up which is ALWAYS FUN.

Ugh. My nightly pill-taking has turned into a nightmare that I dread every day. My horse-size prenatal was starting to cause me to choke and throw it back up, so Crabby has graciously been cutting it into fours. This still doesn’t quite help as they are rough-textured, so they end up all jagged and stabbing me in the throat and I have to fight my gag reflex to get it down.

I also had a scary bleeding incident but all is well now. *clears throat, shifty eyes* No need to go into that further.

Other than that, minicorn is the size of a lime this week! I can’t believe I am 10 weeks. That sounds so….real. Just a few more weeks to go. Everyone who has kids please tell me it gets better. Yes, just like the Youtube ads about gay bullying. In that same tone. In fact, I order everyone reading with kids to tell me how sparkly their 2nd trimester was after the horrid 1st trimester and how everything is a sparklefest. NOW. If your 2nd trimester wasn’t sparkly….just smile and nod.

My high-risk appointment is next week so we’ll see how that goes. Just tryna survive, day by day.


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  1. awww…I wish I could tell you it gets better but I know nothing about what you are experiencing…yea I was the girl with the perfect pregnancy…right down to only gaining 16 lbs the whole time…every pregnancy is different and they do say after the 1st trimester things get better…so lets just bank on that 🙂

  2. *sigh* the things we go through to bake babies! I was unaware of my 1st trimester and the 2nd and 3rd were a breeze.

    Like beth said, every pregnancy is different. I’m hooing yours gets loads better and soon.

  3. thejadednyer said:


    *remembers fondly what life was like with a normal bladder and no back pains*

    Sure. Everything will be hunky-dory from here on out!

    *smiles and nods*

  4. *Smiling and nodding*

    And that Dave Chappelle clip gets me rollin’ every time. Like crying and coughing cause I’m laughing so hard.

  5. Aw poor Baby Baking Boo! What about coating these pills with a lil bit of oil or something!?!

  6. Ugh, I was hoping you’d breeze past the vomiting. :/ No advice for me to give – I just hope you get through it soon!

  7. My first trimester was rough. Constant nausea, vomitting, motion sickness, sleeping in my car during lunch time and going straight to bed when I got home. It does get easier. this is just your body adjusting to a foreigner in there. LOL Hang in there. Let’s get to 12 weeks so I drop it like it’s hot around this thing.

  8. Have you tried the Vitafusion brand prenatal gummy vitamins? You take 2 a day, but it’s just like eating candy. They even have a version with DHA. I got mine at Target.

  9. The second trimester is the best! Your cute little baby belly pops out, people open doors for you, give you things for free, treat you like the precious cargo that you are and the baby starts moving with their precious little butterfly kicks!

    Then the third trimester comes, and they start kicking you in the throat from the inside because they’re just THAT BIG, it takes ten minutes to get up from the sofa…I mean….

    *smiling and nodding*

    Think about your awesome baby shower!!!

  10. Buy tums. Chew a couple before you get out of bed in the morning. Then proceed to brush your teeth, this way when the stomach acid decides to come upstairs you’ve already neutralized it. No, it doesnt get better until the last couple of weeks of the last trimester where you will be so delirious from the baby shower, the nesting, the eating everything in sight and a host of other mental preoccupations that you might not even notice that golf ball sized hemorrhoid, the overactive bladder and the lack of sleep.

    It will all be worth it once the baby makes his or her appearance.

  11. Beth, Krissy, Jaded, gradmommy: NOT HELPING!!!

    qq: Hmm, never heard of that. Is that just to make them slide down easier? I feel like my gag reflex would still reject.

    Can’t: Me too sista!

    Monique: Lawd, that sounds just like me. But did it get better in the 2nd???

    bridget: GUMMY?? PRENATALS????? As soon as this bottle runs out, it’s on. Thank you!

    Desiree: That sounds magical! *ignoring what you said about the 3rd trimester*

    Cas: *blinking* I….ok I’ma just take the Tums tip and run.

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