My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

9 Weeks

Good gravy. Minicorn just won’t give me a gotdamn break over here. So last Thursday and Friday the all-day nausea eased up a bit. I still feel randomly nauseated, but nothing like the all-day hell it has been. My recent re-discoveries of grilled cheese sandwiches and Froot Loops are welcome additions to my limited repertoire of food. I also got my oatmeal life together and that has been a life-saving breakfast (I usually only eat it during cold weather). Oats, dried apple slices, pureed strawberries, and almond milk. Yum.

I’M CONSTIPATED. You wanted to know that, right? K. I keep forgetting to work some flaxseed into my smoothies or oatmeal because I know that would help.

I can’t eat big meals. Very bird-like eating right now. Minicorn is still getting its nutrients though.

So yesterday I went for my first appointment with the OB. Minicorn measured fine, heartbeat was wonderful, everything looked good.

EXCEPT they found a cyst on its umbilical cord right where it enters the baby. Fuck. So now I have to see a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist….or the high-risk doctor if you want to sound more dramatic which I am right now so deal. My high-risk appointment is the 16th.

3 friends have banned me from Google but I gathered a little bit of info before I was banned. If it’s found in the 1st trimester it usually resolves on it’s own (poorer possible prognosis if it’s found in the 2nd trimester). But, it could get too big and cut off the baby’s oxygen supply.

I was prepared for excellent news or horrible news. I don’t quite know what to do with in-between news. Desiree said “Don’t borrow trouble” so I’m going to try to relax. Ha.

I had my first throwing-up episode this morning (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay) so I didn’t take any belly pictures that certain so-called friends have been bullying me about.

Oh, after this last appointment Crabby and I are now on Team Girl. The heart rate last time was 120, this time it was 179! That’s girl range! And Crabby said something vague like the shape made him think girl….I don’t know. We were both amazed at how much it grew in 2 weeks. 2 weeks ago it was a tiny fruit bat hanging upside down in the sac. Yesterday it looked like a gotdamn baby otter taking up the whole sac! Amazing. Oh, that’s another plus in seeing the high-risk doctor is I get to see minicorn more via ultrasound. Otherwise we wouldn’t have seen it again until 20 weeks. Boo. Yay. Blah.


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  1. I’ve been so waiting for an update but I didn’t wanna hound you about it so I took several seats and just waited. . . but YAY!

    I 100% agree with Desiree, don’t go borrowing trouble, now stop it!

    from the constipation try some prune juice. very cold and 8oz, it’ll get you going for sure. I had the same issue when i was preg with jas(and didn’t know it). that prune juice was a life saver for me because constantly feeling uncomfortably bloated is not the business at all.

  2. qqbeans said:

    I take HIGH offense to being. So-called-friended or this Romney shit Crabby is pulling on Team Boy and this bullshit gatheringbof Google worry… What Desiree said!

  3. Stay off Google, damn it! You have a healthly minicorn. And what’s all this girl nonsense? Don’t make me start shipping you Tonka trucks and mini light sabers to remind you of your duty to folks.

    And start remembering the damn flaxseed. *UK smooches* Thanks for the update, Dixie!

  4. Just jumping in to say hey and sending warm thoughts and prayers your way. Please stay off Google. I have self diagnosed so much madness. lol

    I’ve thought it was a girl baby since the little boy gave you the imaginary strawberry ice cream. That totally tickled me. 😀

  5. When I was still working, I came back from lunch five minutes early, dropped my purse at my desk and told the girl that sits there for me that I was going to run to the bathroom and be right back. THIRTY MINUTES LATER, I came back and had to spill the beans that I was pregnant because how else do you explain being the bathroom for THIRTY MINUTES! It was agony! Drink and eat everything you can stomach that will help with constipation. The only thing that worked for me was to drink enough water to float a battleship because that shit (no pun intended) is for the birds.

    And yes, stay the hell off Google.

    We missed you this weekend, but that means we’ll just have to come down there! 🙂

  6. Krissy: I actually bought some prune juice a while ago and am afraid to drink it O__O I’m going to try today mixed with some apple juice because…..I just can’t.

    QQ: You know what you can do with your offense right?

    Can’t: Ooh light sabers! *hides them from minicorn* My mom shoved a package of flax seeds in my face but I still keep forgetting to actually put them in things. Dammit.

    GP: Yesssss thanks for reminding me! The imaginary pink ice cream is definitely another point on the girl side.

    Desiree: I totally remember that blog post about it! I’m getting water fatigue though 😦 I need to mix it up with some apple juice or something. We’d love to see you guys! Crabby says we’ll go back up there so we have to work something out.

  7. lets see:
    I say that cyst was just a glitch in their program and all this high risk mumbo jumbo is just a way to get money out of you and/or the insurance company.
    Constipation will ruin your mental health and overall well being, therefore, please please please eat a bowl of cracklin oat bran in the morning with some almond milk…unless you are allergic to nuts and I missed that point somewhere. Cracklin oat bran tastes like oatmeal cookies. Yum. Yum. Yum. Come high noon your entire digestive system will be cleaner than the house in poltergeist after that little lady came out, all disheveled telling lies about “this house is clean” when there was really still some stuff underneath the house. You get what I mean.

    My sister went for her 3D sonogram today. My niece (yes, niece just like I said she would be) had her dukes up and fists ready. A girl after my own heart.

    Eat oranges too. The fiber will move mountains.


  8. Cas: I do the almond milk with either oatmeal or Multigrain and mayormaynotalsobeFruityPebblessometimes.

    I howled at the Poltergeist reference. Yaaaaay a new little niece! I expect you to vote when I poll people on what they think Minicorn will be. Even though I think you already voted boy.

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