My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

8 Weeks

2 months. Jeez. I’m here. Blah blah still food aversions blah can’t eat shit blah blah all day queasiness blah blah popsicles blah my pants stay unzipped and unbuttoned blah blah blah tired, naps blah don’t touch my nipples dawg, that shit hurts blah blah blah hiatus from eating vegan blah blah gonna lie down now.

I have an appointment next week (perhaps another scan?) and once I’m out of the 1st trimester I’ll start including photos. I should turn this into a Tumblr.


Comments on: "8 Weeks" (7)

  1. Lawd.

    Hope it passes soon, honey!

  2. YAASSSSSS!!!! 8 weeks! come on 12 weeks!!!

  3. How are you just gonna drop in there that you’re not eating vegan?? What are you eating? Is it STEAK?!?!

  4. Also, do NOT turn this into a tumblr because you can’t comment on those and I hate that! Plus, you have awesome commenters and that’s half the fun!

  5. You’re having a boy.
    Thats why your body is like uuuuunnnnnggghhhhhhaaaaaa.
    All my boys made my gastrointestinal system a run down ghetto of moonshine hangovers and greasy fast food joints.

    True Story.

    ❤ Cas

  6. Wdstkbee said:

    Is it cheese? I’ll bet it’s cheese.

  7. Desiree: It has been EVERYTHING. Steak, chicken, chili-cheese dogs, sausage….Jesus. Even still, I can barely eat it so it’s only tiny bits of meat here and there.

    And fine, I won’t turn it into a Tumblr *grumbles*

    Cas: This comment has stuck with me the past few days. I think you might be right. I blacked out at “run down ghetto” though. My diet has gone to complete shit.

    Wdstkbee: Is what cheese? I tried to get a veggie burger with cheese and couldn’t eat it.

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