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7 Weeks

Guh lawd. This past week or so has been rough. Food aversions like whoa. I can’t look at food commercials. I can’t read blog posts with food pictures. I have to scroll past a lot of the boards I follow on Pinterest. I can’t even think of certain foods without feeling sick. I have not actually thrown up yet; just general queasiness. Strawberry-banana applesauce was helping, but not so much anymore. Popsicles help. Smoothies help. Multigrain Cheerios help. But for actual meals, I’m screwed. Another 5 weeks of this maybe? Gawd. Why can’t I be one of those sparkly pregnant women who never experience nausea/food aversions? I hate them.

Other than that, things are ok. I’m bloated to all that be damned. Sleeping a lot.

Minicorn is the size of a raspberry this week.

Yesterday, we got to see minicorn just chillin’ in its gestational sac, you know how it rolls. Parlayin and what not. We also saw and heard the heartbeat. That was surreal. There is a little alien on board eating all my snacks, and beating its little heart RIGHT NOW. Cray.

Oh, based on the heart rate I’m going to cast an early vote for BOY. Crabby also told me this morning he has a feeling it’s a boy too. His vote will probably remain constant, mine may be swayed as more symptoms develop and/or if the heart rate changes.

I’m not out of the woods yet. 5 more weeks of soft ground. 5 more weeks before I get excited. 5 more weeks until I can start thinking about the fun part of pregnancy–birth/labor plans, nursery, names, clothes (for me), etc. For now, I’ll just be nomming bland comfort foods and napping.


Comments on: "7 Weeks" (6)

  1. *raises the roof for 7 weeks*

  2. Fubs said if you want, since you can’t eat your regular foods, he’ll send you the last of the steak pie he made this weekend.

    I’ll smack him around for you, shall I?

    Sorry about the lack of nommable goodness, but I’m so glad that you’re doing okay that my sorries are completely negated by AWESOMENESS.

  3. 5 weeks is going to FLY by and before you know it you’ll start feeling Minicorn KICKIN IT!!!!

  4. It will get better…try the vegan jello it helped me….

  5. I think you should eat a meatball parm hero and call it a day.

  6. Sher: ….s…steak pie???

    Nicki: Vegan jello you say?? Tell me more!

    Cas: Bleeeccchhhh

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