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6 Weeks

I hit 6 weeks Sunday and shit is starting to get a little real around here. Namely the queasiness. Ugh. The food. Man. I’m struggling with food right now. Something I cook and eat and was good, I won’t want the leftovers the next day. Or everything I think of seems so unappetizing. If I could just hook a food IV in my arm, I’d be straight. I don’t want to think about food.

I believe I had my very first bonafide food aversion and food craving. One day last week I didn’t have lunch so Crabby was going to bring me vegetable fried rice from a spot we frequent. While I was waiting, I dashed to Subway and got a 6-inch sub on toasted Italian bread with only lettuce, tomato, and spinach leaves. It was surprisingly good; I should have gotten a foot long. Then I got my fried rice. Opened the top and almost threw up. It. STANK. Like death. Good lord. I had to throw it away. Food aversion?

Yesterday, I was at work feeling apathetic about the farfalle pasta with creamy tomato sauce leftovers I had brought for lunch. Then I had a lightbulb. Pizza. Pizza. Pizzapizzapizzapizzapizza. So I drove to the only vegan pizza place in town–which let me just add is NOT convenient to my workplace at all. Think I cared?

I ordered a large pizza (8 slices). I meant to ask for napkins. I didn’t ask for napkins. I snatched the box, speed-walked to my car, and ate 4 slices right there in the parking lot. Craving?

I’ve read not to worry about food and to just eat whatever you can. As long as you’re covered with a good prenatal, just survive. So I’ma try.

Also. WHY DO I ALREADY LOOK PREGNANT?? Look here Minicorn (the remix). We gotta talk. Y’all. I am small. I am 5’1. 120 pounds (last time I checked which was before pregnancy). Most of the 5’1 is legs. Short torso. A-cup bewbs. THERE IS NOWHERE TO HIDE. I am bloated as all the hells. I cannot button or even zip my pants (shout out to the belly band holding me down). I’m trying to cover it up with cardigans and scarves but this is Houston. Spring has sprung up in this bitch. Ima have to get me some bohemian tunics stat.

Anyhoo, big appointment coming up Monday. The heartbeat sono. After that I will begin guessing the sex. I already have 3 girl votes so start getting your votes in.


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  1. I am right there with you on the food aversions… oof. I am so excited for you, my friend, and I can hardly wait until your first sono! And I also guess girl (though I am wrong 100% of the time.. honestly!).

  2. Zubeldia: What kinds of food aversions are you having right now? And what are you eating?? Strawberry-banana applesauce is saving the day for me right now.

    Hahaha so is that really a boy vote?

  3. Beth Lanai said:

    you just don’t know how excited I got when the email alert for your blog came up and said 6 weeks!

    I dang near jumped out of my chair!!!

    I am so overjoyed for you girl!!!

    LOL at you and that pizza

    lucky for me I didn’t have cravings like that even though I ate Wendy’s EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! I was pregnant LOL and it is now my favorite fast food LOL

    microwave popcorn made me want to stab folks in the throat with a rusty spork!!!

    can’t wait for the next update!

  4. You know what would be some shit? If you start eating meat! Omg!!!

    Idecare boy or girl i want healthy theniwantaboy?!

  5. Beth: Yaaaaaaaaaayyy thank you! Girl, I felt like one of the zombies from The Walking Dead. I was going to get that pizza and wunt NOTHING stopping me! LOL at Wendy’s. My mom said she had strawberry soda every day and now I love everything strawberry. EVERYTHING. Damn, that’s a weird one re microwaved popcorn!

    Q: Why as I’m reading this Crabby sends me an e-mail tombout I probably want a steak and don’t want to say it out loud. I hate both of you. Ahhhhh you’re the first boy vote! I’ll have to start a poll!

  6. I’ve been waiting for this post….the sacrifices worked!! *boogies on down* Let me find out your mini ass sat and ate half a large pizza, which was probably a quarter of your body weight. I can see this is going to get more and more interesting…..but Queeg nees a beating for suggesting meat! *cackling*

    I’m tossing in my vote for a knuckle-head XY inhabitant! Can’t wait for the sono results!

  7. Monie Pony said:

    Eeeeeeeeeek! Ok. I really need to think about this. For some reason, I feel like Minicorn The Diddy Remix is a girl. I dunno…I’m just getting girl vibes. She’s making her Dad get her some fried rice and then saying she don’t want that shit…that’s so girl.

    Yeah…I think girl.

    And the tag: “getting crunk with babies.”

    I just…

    I guess girl. But part of me wants a tiny Crabby, so I can see it make a tiny Crabby stone face. lol

    So happy =)

    PS- There is not a chance in hell you are any parts of either 5’1″ or 120 pounds. you are 4’11” and 97.473 pounds if you are anything.

  9. I’m cracking the hell up at this food post!!! GIRL, it’s real in them pregnancy streets so get used to it. Especially with how things smell; that’s coming next (or is already here according to your fried rice incident).

    With my 2nd daughter I worked at a senior center as a program assistant. My sense of smell was heightened to the max with this pregnancy. Do you see where this is going? I COULD SMELL THESE PEOPLE AGING/DYING/ETC every minute I was at work! Talk about gagging…

    ::speaks into your belly:: So how we doin’ pumpkin-face? Good? Awesome! Listen, don’t tell mommy but I bought you the entire Maxwell discography…

  10. Yay! Showing already? Girl please, you are going to pop out overnight so just be ready.

  11. I can’t wait to not be pregnant just to get over the food stuff. Weeks 6-13 – not good.

    And I am a vegetarian for years…that is unless I’m pregnant. The craving for meat is undeniable for me. I still get most meals veggie, but every now and again a hamburger calls my name. And I answer.

  12. Um yeah…where them belly pics at?

  13. You have the best commenters EVER! And you know my vote but I’m putting it out there for the blogoverse – GIRLY GIRLY GURL!!!

    And I second the height comment – you are one of those 5 foot 3/8 inch people who likes to claim 5’1. NEGATIVE.

    OOOOOHOOOOOHoo! I get to call you Short Round! Like from Indiana Jones!

    And I will straight up roll over and DIE if you start craving meat! I didn’t eat red meat for 15 years and I was like 8 weeks and I distinctly remember asking the waitress to bring me the biggest burger they had and to put ERRRYTHANG on it. And that shit was GUD. Been eating burgers ever since. Still no steak tho, which is weird.

  14. *dougies*

    I’m gonna vote boy. All that bloating and what not is telling me boy so I’ma roll with it.

    *sends over some chicken tenders* we can start off easy on this meat eating thing 🙂

  15. Can’t: And then I didn’t even want the other 4 slices later 😦

    Monie: Yeah, minicorn is being a little diva and I’m over it! LOL


    Jaded: OMG I’M FAINTING. I can’t IMAGINE how you made it through that house-o-death with the elders! What did you do?? Freebase Glade plug-ins before you went to work??

    Monique: I’m so not ready!

    LaToya: Ugh, you too? I would ask what aversions you had but I don’t want to gross myself out anymore. Um yeah, I may or may not have had a little baked chicken and rice a few days ago that my mom made.

    Desiree: Et tu?!?! I’ll have you all know I am 5 FEET 1 INCH. 1 SOLID INCH. THAT INCH MATTERS. I CAN STAND IN THE 5 FT SECTION OF THE POOL AND NOT DROWN. I never knew that about you and the burgers! Weirdly, I can see myself having a piece of well-done steak dipped in sauce, but not a burger.

    Krissy: Is bloating linked to boys?? I hadn’t heard that one! Interesting! and YOU AND YOUR GOTDAMB CHICKEN TENDERS GET OUT!

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