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5 Weeks

Well, 5 weeks and 1 day today. I had a bit of a scare last week. I went in to get my beta levels drawn even though I swore I wouldn’t.

Beta levels are the quantitative pregnancy hormone (hcg levels), what turns the pregnancy test positive, etc. Ideally, you draw the levels (blood test) 48 hours apart and ideally that number should double within that time frame to indicate a healthy, viable pregnancy. Well my number did not double in (not exactly) 48 hours. It went up maybe 65%. Still in the “normal” range, but low normal. My nurse said the numbers weren’t THAT bad. Thanks, bitch, what??

That was Thursday and they scheduled my next draw for Monday (this morning). So I had the entire weekend to ponder the possibly dying baby dragon in my uterus. See why I never wanted to get betas? If it would happen, let it happen. I hate purgatory. But anyhoo, I went in this morning and my results were great! Higher than what they were looking for.

So my next mini-checkpoint is….tomorrow. Tomorrow marks the point where I lost the first/last pregnancy. I really feel good though because at this point last time I had signs before the SIGNS. I was cramping and in a lot of pain. This time? Standard early pregnancy symptoms. Sore bewbs (and full, wheeeeeee!), slight nausea, EXTREME HUNGER (GIMME ALL YOUR FOOD NOW), extreme thirst, fatigue, bloat, peeing frequently. No pain besides the standard stiff/soreness. So once I get past tomorrow, and then once I get to Sunday (6 weeks) I’ll be feeling a lot better.

THEN. COMES. THE APPOINTMENT. WHERE THEY DO. AN ULTRASOUND. TO SEE THE HEARTBEAT. Shit is about to get so real. I can’t even… this real life? Is this actually happening?

Minicorn the Remix was the size of a poppy seed last week. This week Minicorn is the size of a sesame seed. Whaaaaaat? Holla.

Also: Post forthcoming on the baby aspirin. I am 95% convinced that’s what got me (and will hopefully keep me) pregnant.


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  1. I can barely control myself! I am so excited!

    Love A (zub!)

  2. Gah! I have my first appointment next week, the Dr. estimated I’m 4 weeks along, I’m so nervous!

    If you don’t mind me asking, what caused the miscarriage?

    • It was an early loss–between 5 and 6 weeks. That early, it is usually a defect or chromosome issue but there is no way to really tell. I have my own baby aspirin theory which I will develop into a post later.

      Congratulations on your pregnancy! They probably won’t be able to see anything at 4 weeks. I think you can *begin* to see something sometime after 5 weeks. Wishing you the best!

  3. I don’t think it was the baby aspirin. I had asked Maxwell to sing and writhe to a song for you and release it into the Universe abooouuuuttttt *thinks* YUP, 5 weeks ago or so. I see it worked 😀

  4. I can’t speak for anyone else but I know i want to go home and blast Drag-on at hecka ignant levels.

    Imma wait by the tub til tomorrow! Weeeee! It is so hard containing excitement about this! Are u less noivous? AHHHHHH the idea that there will be a chappy is tripping me out!

  5. Im so so so excited for youuuuu ive tossed this phone up 3 times while reading this!!!

  6. First, I had to pick myself up off the floor after I read: “Thanks, bitch, what??”

    Can we say LE WOOT to normal pregnancy symptoms?! I’ve been waiting for an update and hoping that everything was okay with the *sigh* baby dragon(you need a time-out). Since it’s tomorrow, I’m shaking my pom-poms and making a few sacrifices for the six-week mark!

    I’m so damn happy for you. *squee*

  7. SO happy for you! praying for a healthy pregnancy throughout. way to stay positive and keep thinking those happy thoughts!

  8. This is such awesome news!!!! All the best to you three!

  9. YAY!!!!! I’m excited for you forreals tho! *dances a jig just because *

  10. Well since I’m late to this post but right on time for making it past the checkpoint!!!! You are sooooooo knocked up! I love it!

    Waiting with bated breath/sitting on my hands jumping up and down for Ultrasound Day!!

  11. zubs: Yaaaaaaaaaay!

    Sher: Squeeeee so excited for my project! And what, you can’t picture a little dragon in there doing dragon things??

    bridget: Thank you! I love your blog!

    Vesper Darling: Thank you so much! Good to “see” you!

    Krissy: *joins in the jig*

    Desiree: Ultrasound Day approaches!

  12. I believe I’m about 6 weeks along. I have my first appointment in a couple weeks (15 days to be exact but, who is counting?!). Up until last week I experienced cramping. It wasn’t an awful cramping but it had me a little worried. This is my first pregnancy and your blog is literally giving me life! I’m trying to stay away from Google but how can I when all these questions and what ifs keep popping into my head?! Thank you for posting!

    • Hi Robyn! This is the simplest way to remind yourself when to worry in these early weeks: Cramping: normal Spotting or light bleeding: normal Cramping AND spotting or bleeding: not normal.

      Please keep me posted! I’m excited for you!

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