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Uterus Update September 2011

A gentle nudge from QQ reminded me that I need to update the blawg on the happenings. And by ‘gentle nudge’, I mean she busted through the door of G-chat like the cops and said, I quote: “Aye bitch I be meaning to ask how are you efforts on minicorning”

This is why you shouldn’t accept friends who have names beginning with the letter Q.

Anyhoo. So this is the second cycle that I was taking the evening primrose oil. Obvs didn’t result in a pregnancy the first cycle, but that’s cool (not really). So I gave it another cycle to kick in. I did not see an increase in fertile cervical fluid but you know what I did get? A GOTDAMNED DELAY IN OVULATION BY 3-4 DAYS! To put this in perspective for you: There is a window of about 3 fertile days a month. You ovulate on 1 of those days. The egg lasts 12-24 hours and then says fuck school. Charting has allowed me to pinpoint my ovulation and fertile days. I usually ovulate on Day 14 or 15 of my cycle which means I get a “positive” result on my ovulation predictor sticks on Day 12 or 13 of my cycle. When I saw I was still getting negatives by the end of Day 14? Oh nawl.


So I knew immediately it had to be the Evening Primrose Oil. Back when I was researching it, I read that it could be a possible side effect, but I dismissed it since it didn’t affect last cycle at all. So I got delayed ovulation WITH no fertile cervical fluid? Nawl potna, you gotsta go. So I stopped taking them, ovulated late, whatevs. We’ll see how this cycle goes.

After last cycle’s failure, I decided to make an appointment to talk to a doctor. I started trying and charting in January, but there were also several months in 2010 that didn’t work either. So I figured I have a pretty strong case of look, I’m not getting pregnant, and that one time I did (6 months ago. I should be 6 months pregnant right now. That fucking sucks.) it didn’t survive. So I made an appointment with an OBGYN in October back in August, didn’t want to wait until October so I also made an appointment with a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) which happens to be next Tuesday. So things are about to get busy. Tuesday is generally too early to tell if I got pregnant this cycle (it will be about 7 days post-ovulation), I am of course hoping I got (and will remain) pregnant and can at least not need treatment or to see the other doctor in October for that purpose.

So that’s where we are now. Questions? Comments?


Comments on: "Uterus Update September 2011" (10)

  1. Goddamn you ingrate ass Gloworm!

    Stop putting my ways in front street, people gonna think im a trollop, dawg

    I say also (which I forgot to say earlier) dontcha think also this was like a settlement peroid for yoyr body and all lile getting back to the cycle, stress levels cortisol and alladat?

    But is good you are getting the appt as always, keep a bitch abreast (your side eyes and apropos puns, are unwelcomed very much)

  2. “uterus updates” directly to my Gmail?

    nawl playuh

  3. I don’t know how comfortable I am with the image of you running across the room, waving your ovulation pee stick in the air, demanding that your hubby plant his seed, and the writhing that follows alladat.

    There goes lunch…

    (sending good vibes for the Tuesday appt)


  5. HA! I love your writing style. You make fertility treatments funny, almost 😉

    I used to have delayed ovulation. Twice I had failed ovulation that turned into a weird sort of cycle reset– like, two or three weeks in I’d have the temp drop and some positive OPKs (3-4 days in a row), and then my temp would go back to normal for another two to three weeks, and then it would finally be a REAL ovulation. Which means twice I thought “18dpo, I must be pregnant!” only to OVULATE AGAIN. Embarrassing when I’d already gone to the doctor’s office for a blood test…


  6. GemmyJamTerryLewis,

    Do some research on Metformin ER. The regular Metformin is a beast and has the tendency to make stomachs…uhhh, lets just say marathon potty breaks. It’s normally a drug for diabetics but has been getting rave reviews in fertility and weight loss treatments. I know you don’t need it for the latter but it may be an option for you. I stopped buying ovulation kits because according to them, I never ovulated Plppppptttttt!

    Hopefully you’ll be doing this soon

  7. LOL!!!

    Love the poster! (That’s me on a bad day – with glasses.)

    So we had opposite problems this month. I ovulated THREE DAYS EARLY. What the….? I always O on CD 14 or 15 and it was CD freaking 12 this month. Maybe I need some EPO…

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