My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.


Another month, another “failed” cycle of trying to conceive. As usual, when I realize it hasn’t happened I cry, I get down, I feel tired, I feel hopeless, defeated, etc. Then, I start focusing on what to do the next cycle.

A major benefit of charting while trying to conceive is I have learned so much about how my body and cycle works. I also figure out before my period is due whether or not I got pregnant, without needing to take a pregnancy test. All from charting.

So my period hasn’t come yet but I know it’s over this month because of my temperature. If you ever want to know more about charting just e-mail me, not going to do a thesis on it this post. But I’ve been researching stuff and I think I may have figured out why I am having trouble conceiving. The remedy?

Evening Primrose Oil supplements. I linked a website explaining it if you care to read about it. Also, isn’t that “Free pack of baby dust with each order” at the top of the page creepy? The fuck is “baby dust”? Is there a collection of baby skin peelings that they scoop into a bag and mail you, like the bulk bins at Whole Foods? Gross.

ANYWAY I’m getting a little excited because everything I’ve read about the benefits of Evening Primrose Oil match what I am experiencing. A bell rang in my head when I saw something about extreme PMS and having a lack of certain essential fatty acids. Y’all when my period comes, I die for about 2 days. Crawling on the floor dying type cramps. I don’t have fibroids or endometriosis, so when I read that a lack of certain essential fatty acids cause extreme PMS and that 1 of the benefits of Evening Primrose Oil is that it eases PMS symptoms? SOLD. Also, it mentions it increases fertile cervical fluid which I don’t seem to produce. This is not the same thing as arousal fluid, which you produce when it’s time to get thangs crackin …you’re aroused, I got that on lock already. This is specifically cervical fluid that provides an ideal environment for sperm to swim all up in your nooks and crannies looking for the egg; you should see an abundance during the few days you are fertile each month. Lack of that specific type of cervical fluid or an abundance of what they call “hostile” cervical fluid can prevent sperm from swimming where they need to go, or the sperm won’t survive as long.

So Imo pick up some capsules at Whole Foods today and see how it goes. If Minicorn 2.0 shows up because of this, just know I’ll be sitting in a big twirly chair in the shadows smirking saying things like MM-HMM with a gold Jesus piece on. Or something like that.


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  1. Freeze, back it up… this Evening Primrose joint will keep me from plotting the bloody demise of everyone within a 5-mile radius during my period? Oh, okay. I might get me some, if for no other reason than to stay out of Bedford Hills Correctional Facility.

    I’m too pretty for jail O_o

    Good luck this upcoming baby-making month!
    *writhes on the floor sending good vibes*

  2. Nonotthejacket said:

    Good for you, don’t let a bum month stop you! I’m wishing and hoping with you!!

    I’m not discussing baby dust.

    But “hostile” fluid…. I can just see the fluid cells just swinging at the sperm like it’s a damn whac-a-mole game. “Bam, bitch!” -This, I do not appreciate.

  3. Monique 218 said:

    Hi Gem, EPO really does help with PMS symptomes especially when taken regularly. It has helped me a lot. Even more beneficial for me is the Barleans Essential Woman blend, I found that this particular one was very helpful sonner rather than later. Also, I have found that for me the quality of EPO makes a big difference as well. I have sense incorporated Black Cohosh in there too and it has helped as well. Hang in there and try not to stress out too much, you seem to be a beautiful being and a beautiful being will come to/through you.

  4. A) a church hug or one of Bully’s hard ass hugs

    B) imo fuck you UP if I should ever get baby dust on me

    C) on the power of Primrose boo.. Im still hopeful as all get out

  5. SherBear said:

    Dixie, thanks for the update! *snugs* Sorry I is about the lack of sprouting minicorn seedlets this month, but keep up the charting and…uh….hard work!

    I’m also liking this EPO, because my PMS symptoms be on some one-eight-seven nonsense. Me will check it out.

    Now, as to the rest of this rachet-ass post……..

  6. WEEEEEEEEE love this post, mostly because i’m so very ignorant to what it is you’re experiencing so i’m just soaking up hella info. i’m curious to see how your body will react to the primrose. no pressure, like we always say 🙂

  7. Jaded: YEP, I’m headed to Whole Foods today to pick up a bottle! *writhes with hope*

    Nonot: I imagine “hostile” fluid is like….dementors?

    Monique: Thank you, I am so glad to hear from a real person that it works, lol. I’ve read a little on Black Cohosh too but I don’t think you’re supposed to take it after ovulation (just like EPO) because it can cause uterine contractions. I’ll let you know how it goes!

    QQ: The 2 hugs you presented have so many pros and cons…Imo need to think on it.

    Sherbear: Yas, let’s both try it and see if the murder rate decreases where we live.

    K: All these months and I still can’t handle WEEEEEs. x___x

  8. *hella slow blink* @ “If Minicorn 2.0 shows up because of this, just know I’ll be sitting in a big twirly chair in the shadows smirking saying things like MM-HMM with a gold Jesus piece on. Or something like that.”

    Gonna keep you in my prayers because im a prayer and I can damnit! 🙂

  9. Integrated Memoirs said:


    I will be looking up that primrose stuff. That time of the month for me is like a manic bipolar phase for me…Rude Bitch/Nice Lady.

  10. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I know it can be hard when it look like it’s happening for everyone else but don’t give up! It’ll happen when you least expect it.

  11. Hey, you, it’s Zubeldia! Love your blog… we have a lot in common!

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