My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.


May was pretty crunk. I went to Sherbear’s wedding in NJ and stayed with my homie Kit in NY. The next week I was a bridesmaid in my stepmother’s wedding in Detroit. That’s wedding #3 I have bridesmaided (shut up) in. I’m waiting on pictures from the wedding to post them. If you go to my Tumblr you will see some photos from Sherbear’s wedding and highlights from the Detroit trip.

I received two bawse ass care packages from Monie Pony and Kelly; thank you again my loves.

Turned 27 on May 25th. It’s been a reflective birthday, figuring out who I am and what I really want and what I like/don’t like. All the little epiphanies that come with age/experience.

I don’t even want to read the blog posts about the miscarriage. I’ve been meaning to e-mail everyone who commented personally, but some days I just don’t want to think about it at all and e-mailing you means I have to open up the wound again so please don’t take it personal if you haven’t heard from me about it yet. Overall, I’m doing fine but there will be moments out of nowhere that are just like black holes of despair. My birthday week I would have been done with the first trimester then I’ll imagine what things would be like if things hadn’t gone wrong and down the rabbit hole I go. Blah.

Been working on the color blog more, and have been getting requests from strangers which has been nice. Hoping to focus more time on expanding it somewhat.

Other than that, discovered Pinterest and collect life coins every day pinning stuff I like. QQ told me after the miscarriage to visualize positive things, and what I want for future minicorn, etc. and Pinterest has been the perfect outlet. If you’re on there, holla at me! Cooking more, going to start posting recipes and dishes. Parenting 3 pets. How are you guys doing?


Comments on: "May" (12)

  1. I’m a pinner too! I followed you! AWWWWWW

  2. Well this was a nice little update! Like Desiree I have no idea how to use tumblr nor do I want to try so I’m glad you dusted off your wordpress for an update!

    Life sounds like its good for you right now. That makes me happy to read.

  3. Who’s this third pet you speak of?

  4. Pookie the poodle, Topaz the shih-tzu mix, and Max the cat!

  5. Sherbear said:

    Finally meeting you on my wedding day was EPIC!! All that day needed was Queeg and the Biggity Qunitet would have been perfectly rounded out.

    Okay, a five-pointed anything isn’t round, but The Biggity Star sounded ridiculously lame, sooooooo….

    Don’t worry about replying to the emails. We didn’t send you condolences for gratitude or for thank yous. We sent them because we love the Dixie…so don’t travel back down that road if you don’t want to.

    What the hell in Pinterest?! And why will I probably get an account just because you mentioned it? Arrrrgh…

  6. I’ve been hearing about this pinterest, so since you mentioned it i went to check it out, signed up for an account…and why did this effing site say i’m on the waiting list??? oh hell naw…

  7. Sherbear: Biggity Star sounds kinda awesome actually.

    gradmommy: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that. It took about a week for me. I don’t know who they think they are but…

  8. next time you come to the D, I hope we get a chance to parlez!

  9. integratedmemoirs said:

    Happy Belated Birthday!!!

  10. so i’ve been out of the loop on blogging rounds for a while and i’ve spent the last half hour in tears reading your posts. so sorry.


    and next time you’re in detroit you better tell me.

  11. Kelly: You know it! Next time I won’t be a slave to a wedding ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you E!

    Thank you Muze *hugs* and I’ll be back next year ๐Ÿ™‚

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