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2 Thangs

So, there are basically 2 things going on right now.

You know how people always say there’s no such thing as being a little bit pregnant? Well that’s false ass false. When you’re pregnant, the pregnancy hormone, hcg, is what turns the test positive. Urine tests detect the hormone level at about 25. Less than 5 is non-pregnant levels. Although I stopped bleeding Saturday, I took a test Sunday and it was still faintly positive. So indeed I am still “a little bit pregnant”. The more you know, bitches. Anyhoo, the midwife said if my level doesn’t drop to non-pregnant levels “soon” I might need a D&C to remove any “products” left in there. I’m not too worried because on Tuesday April 12th, I got my blood drawn and the level was something like 514. Thursday April 14th,the level had fallen to the 300s. So for my test to be only faaaaintly positive on Sunday April 24th means my guess is it’s probably in the 20’s. Which means I should be down to non-pregnant levels this week. Got all that? They drew my blood yesterday and I should get the number tomorrow to see where I am exactly. The sooner the better so we can get started on Minicorn 2.0 (Minicorn the Remix?).

My arms are starting to look heroin-y from all the sticks I’ve been getting. I think I’m at 4 in the arm and 1 in the hip/ass (or hass, if you will) right now. Which brings me to the 2nd thang.

So I’m RH negative which means I had to get the Rhogam shot. The midwife and physician there seem to think it’s not too late for me to get the shot since I stopped bleeding on Saturday. Even though I started bleeding (well spotting) on April 10th and passed clots and tissue on April 14th, and got the shot on April 25th they don’t think it’s too late. Yeah, there were definitely some side-eyes thrown by me, but what am I gonna do at this point?

I asked the midwife if I should have my husband typed to see if he’s negative or positive. If he’s also negative, then I won’t ever need any injections and the injection I got yesterday was for naught. She said some shit like only if I’m adamant about not getting the shots in the future. Um, ma’am? MA’AM? Yeah I’m not getting booty shots (I hope spammers don’t google that and find my blog) if I don’t have to. So I had Crabby make an appointment, we’re getting his blood typed the fuck up stat. I know it’s only a small chance because the majority of the population has a positive blood type, but still. Type his blood the fuck up.

So basically if he does come back with a positive blood type, and the shot I got yesterday wasn’t too late, the shot should protect my next pregnancy. However, if I get pregnant and bleed for any reason (even if the baby’s ok) I have to get another shot. I also have a fun membership card that I have to carry with me at all times that says my blood type will kill babies and make me have a Sookie reaction if I get a transfusion of the wrong blood type (you’ll only get that if you’ve seen True Blood Season 4. I couldn’t find a clip on Youtube and I don’t want Kit to fight my face for spoiling anything).


So I’ll just be waiting to hear my hormone levels tomorrow to see if I can get back on the baby train. Blah.


Comments on: "2 Thangs" (9)

  1. There are SO MANY little ignorant things in this “2 thangs” post that I want to…slap the flavorful shit out of you

  2. LOL. I have one of those cards too. It seems rather ridiculous that nature would do this. What did they do before Rhogam?

  3. Nonotthejacket said:

    Great idea to make sure Crabby gets tested. Why the hell not?

    On the other hand, I have too many questions about and objections to this post.


    A lot.

  4. gradmommy: Right?! I was wondering that myself! How horrible.

    QQ and nono: *re-reads the post* I don’t see a problem here. o_o

  5. SherBear said:


    1-Minicorn the Remix
    3-“type his blood the fuck up”
    4-“Sookie reaction”

    I’m sure there are more, but I’m just hitting the highlights. >_>

    *snuggles you anyway* Having you pissy at the midwife somehow makes me feel multiple times better. Go figure.

  6. I’m glad to see that you’re doing better and that we’re prepping for the remix. I can’t wait!!! Oh! Your Box O’ Ignant Shit is on its way to you! Get excited!

  7. minicorn the remix, 2 thangs, hass……………………

    i’m letting Gemmy rock though.

    but dawg…i got dizzy reading all this info! there’s so much to know and still so much to learn! i love it.

    and NO spoilers!

  8. I had a really good comment, but, like most people, it was still lost in the shuffle after your ignorance. Get outta here tho. lol

    Omg! the box of ignorant shit! yaaaaaaasssssss!

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