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Doing Better

I’m doing better. E-mails coming soon to the lot of you.

I got my blood drawn Friday to see if I’m RH negative. I stopped bleeding/spotting Saturday. The midwives said make an appointment 2 weeks after the bleeding stops so I was going to call today. They called me a few minutes ago and asked when I stopped bleeding; I said Saturday. They told me I need to come in TODAY to get the emergency shot because oh yes indeed my blood type is negative.

Briefly, if the mother’s blood is negative and future babies are positive, if there was previous blood mixing (like a miscarriage) the mother’s blood will attack the future babies’ blood cells. There is a shot you’re supposed to get if you’re negative to protect the next pregnancy and that’s what I have to get today.

What scares me is I read you’re supposed to get the shot within a few days of the miscarriage. But when is “within a few days of the miscarriage”?? When you START bleeding? When you pass the tissue? When you stop bleeding? What if it’s too late? Sometimes negative blood-type women develop antibodies to the miscarriage blood and this is called sensitization. Sensitization is permanent, meaning if it occurs, the shot will not be effective at protecting future pregnancies. Then you could be looking at a full blood transfusion for future babies.

At least that’s what I gather from my brief reading on google about it. I will of course have more questions for the midwives when I get there this afternoon. Also, if Crabby’s blood type is also negative this whole post will be moot but there’s no time to wait for him to get typed just in case he is positive (the baby usually inherits the father’s type). Fucking hell.


Comments on: "Doing Better" (10)

  1. Write all your questions and BREATHE no panicking yet about anything, remember what we talked about the babyest of baby steps and expectations for yourself and this whole thing for now

  2. What Qq said. Breathe.

  3. Nonotthejacket said:

    Whoops… you did teh Google. I know you can’t stop your mind from racing and worrying, but love, please put those searching fingers away or you’ll turn yourself into a basket case. I agree with Qbert, write all your questions down, baby steps all the way.

  4. i don’t want you panicking until you have all the info. write your questions down like QQ said so you don’t forget. as soon as we know what you need to do we’ll take it from there.

    call me if you need mmkay?

  5. No overthinking, Dixie. Find something about each day to enjoy, do/say something ignant. If you are worried, do like Queeg said and write it down…but make sure you walk away from it sometimes. *snugs*

  6. Hey boos. Sorry if this post came off cray-cray I was just trying to hurriedly post it before I have to leave work. I’m not panicky, it’s more like….got damn, something else now?? I’m good in the hood though; got my questions ready.

  7. Dammit if the body ain’t “…a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma…” !!!

    Well, keep us posted, buttercup. The Penzo clan sends more & more good & crunk vibes 🙂

  8. Ask all the questions you need. That’s the best thing you could do for yourself. . . And your sanity. 🙂

  9. Glad your doing better. I’m sure everything will go well.

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