My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

4 Weeks

Firstly can I raise the roof with all of you? For some reason I was surprised that so many people were CRUNK about my news. It made me realize wow….people actually care about my life…my homie Sherbear already sent me a template to a blanket she will make! THAT made me tear up like shit is really getting real over here. AND THUGS DO NOT CRY.

So minicorn is officially an embryo up in this piece.

Right now my 2 main concerns are making sure I’m meeting all my nutritional needs, and doctor-y stuff. I am really conflicted on hospital/birth center/homebirth. I don’t want a hospital birth but I have read blogs from women who go into it with their eyes open and are clear and firm about what they want/will not stand for and have been successful. I thought I was going to lean more toward birth center, but everything I’ve read says that birth centers are basically homebirths in a building owned by someone else. It’s more of a psychological thing that women feel safer there; there’s really no difference, etc. So I figure, why not just have a homebirth instead of birth center? But then I don’t know that our apartment is really where I want to give birth.

Yes, this is all a long way away but I’m thinking about it now because this will determine who I go see for prenatal care. Another thing I can’t quite find a definitive answer on is whether I need to go see someone RIGHT NOW or if I should wait until 6-8 weeks. What can anyone do for me right now? I’ve been taking prenatals for months now so I have that covered. Any of my mother readers who can shed some light on this, holla at a playa.

Also, if you have healthy snack ideas, holla at a playa (keep in mind I’m vegan so no meaty/cheesy snacks).

Symptoms as of 4 Weeks:
*Bloated as all the fucks. I haven’t buttoned my pants at work since Monday. Shout-out to tunic-length cardigans for holding me down and not putting my business on blast.
*HUNGER. This is why I need y’all to throw some snacks my way. The hours between lunch at work at dinner when I get home are KILLING me. Yesterday was horrible. I wasn’t expecting this particular symptom so early.
*Backache (middle to lower)

I’m still kind of in Shockington Land right now. My period would be due today or tomorrow so maybe it will sink in a little more when it doesn’t show up.

I’m crunk about doing weekly pictures so here’s me and my bloated pooch this week. My job likes employees to wear red on Fridays so you might be seeing this shirt for awhile.


Comments on: "4 Weeks" (7)

  1. “Firstly can I raise the roof with all of you?” <— ma'am.

    *hits Douglas*

    YAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS! i'm finna send you some GOODT/healthy trader joes snackz, and whatever little cutesie shit i can afford/accumulate for the Chappy!

    and yes…EVERYBODY is rooting for you and Crabby!

    YAAASSS to the weekly pictorials!

  2. they made me wait til about 11 weeks before the first visit. other friends had similar experiences.

    it was kinda scary being on our own for that long, but i think the rationale is that there’s not much that they can tell you about the fetus or do medically before then. the good thing is by that time you can actually listen to the heartbeat and get an ultrasound picture of the little babybud.

  3. This post: full of ignorance an Thug passion

    I really cant deal with tunics holding you down and the fact that if things are to be believed you only gonna get more ignorant as time goes on

  4. love it!!!!

    can’t wait for the weekly posts…

    my snack when I was pregant with Dorian…Wendy’s lmao

    I ate that ish every single day!

    big classic with cheese, fries and pink lemonade…I kid you not….every single day…

    I should have been big as a house…but I only gained 16 lbs….I weigh more now than I did when I had him…

    maybe if I go back to eating Wendy’s everyday I’ll lose some weight? No? Dang lol

    I’m really excited for you…

  5. “…THAT made me tear up like shit is really getting real over here. AND THUGS DO NOT CRY.”

    I’m sorry- are YOU the thug in question?? *raised eyebrow*

    Now re: a doc & homebirths… I had a midwife BUT she was not licensed for home births. So I was in a hospital but the room was very homey, machine-free and I had zero meds, IV, none of that mess. I was really happy with it, and in case anything went awry we were already in a hospital, so it gave me peace of mind.

    See if you can get someone like that.

    But whatever you do DO NOT opt for that mirror they offer during delivery…just…don’t *thug tears*

  6. You have a few more weeks until you’ll be able to see your little minicorn on the monitor and hear its heartbeat and such. That’s when shits really gonna get real and those thug tears are gonna flow for you lol

  7. Soooooo…yes I am super late blog stalking you. However, it was sooooooo nice to meet you and reading your preggo post made me literally fall out of my chair and I’m so happy for you! I can’t wait to keep up on the pics and alla that. Congrats, Gemmykins!!!!

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