My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

I Am Having An Affair

Lovelies, I’ve been cheating on you. With Tumblr. For awhile I was updating both blogs but something about Tumblr just enchants me right now. It’s like a Twitter blog. Whatever random blurb, quote, video, song lyric, photo pops into your head, Tumblr makes it seem fascinating and pretty. Then when you want to do a more personal post, Tumblr is there for you too. I Tumbl. I’m not leaving WordPress but if thangs get a little dusty around here, check me out here and see what I’m up to.


Comments on: "I Am Having An Affair" (3)

  1. Can't Take It said:


    *makes plans to cry in my bed tonight*

  2. OMG me too! I was so anti-tumblr, now I spend most of my day there.

  3. integratedmemoirs said:

    I love tumblr…I have a running one, and I’ve actually had it for about a year now.

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