My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

This has been ruining my life since yesterday.

Just hang on until the 1:00 mark and then SHIT GETS REAL.

Apparently this is a real work safety video from the 80’s. I just…..



  1. Your life? What about why ive been searching for the song since yesterday and talking on that pitch?

  2. Can't Take It said:

    It has it’s own SOUNDTRACK.

    Why are we friends again?

  3. I’m so through with life right now. Is this a horror film or a work safety video? I’m so done with everything – I couldn’t even watch the whole thing because I felt my brain liquefying.

    I’m so done. :-p

  4. It ruined your life???
    It ruined YOUR life???

    Watching that video was like being on one of the many levels of hell in the divine comedy…I tried to look away, to make it STOP…but it continued.

    I thought my life was f—– before, my visit to this “place” you’ve got going here just proved once and for all that things can always get dramatically worse.

    I vomited under my desk, thanks.

  5. Girl, I wasn’t prepared for this *not hungry any more*

  6. Good day, Ma’am.


    *storms out*

  7. Bwuah hahahaha!!!!

    At first, I thought that this was a song that they pulled from a rock band but as I listened, I realized that it went with this “actual” work safety video. Hilarious!!
    And then to add sound effects to the mauling & mangling of bodies and their parts. Lol.

    I can’t help but laugh. Just the thought that this was really made to be shown to new employees. Too funny.

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