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Happy New Year!!!!!11

December 10, I celebrated my 4/5 year anniversary (4 years married, 5 years “together”) with Crabby. I surprised him with some boudoir photos I had turned into an album and we chillaxed at a hotel with this view:

Later that month, I graduated with my muhfuckin Master of Arts degree in Sociology

We had been talking about buying a house, but we ultimately decided that when we buy, it’s not just the house that matters, but the location. We could easily buy a house in the suburbs for what Houston houses are going for, but I realized I want no parts of suburb life. I hate driving which means I hate commuting. So the closer in to the city, the better. Of course the price increases the closer you get, but we are willing to wait to get what we want and not settle. It’s interesting how many people seem disappointed we haven’t bought yet, which shows me just having a house no matter where it is is what matters to a lot of people. Well, I’m not buying a house just to have a house. Fuck that, son.

So we moved into a really nice apartment where we feel comfortable staying until we are ready to buy what we want. We moved on NEW YEAR’S EVE and then had the nerve to go party that night and go to IHOP that was packed and not get back until 4AM the next day, then got up and finished the moving process.

I would not recommend this to anyone. So as a result, we still don’t feel completely settled yet, hence the long-ass break in blogging. In the midst of packing, I tackled our “change box” that was full of coins that stacked up over the years. I ended up with $35 worth of coins after I took them to the bank O_O and found a purple penny. Even my coins are cunty.

We didn’t have any living/dining room furniture so I have been in full-on nest mode. I want a jewel-toned feel for the rooms anchored with a deep, dark, plum-purple as the base color. We got a custom sofa and ottoman in deep, dark, plum-purple and goldenrod respectively, and I threw in my Indian jewel-toned pillows for now:

I ordered some soft gold curtains and am deciding on a rug now to round things out.

I also picked up a deep purple accent chair from World Market (it was on sale for 50% off!), seen in the picture below. Also, see the pink chair in the background? I got 4 of them on Craigslist for $100 total. They will be used for the dining room.

I will be getting the pink chairs re-covered in this fabric:

I have some curtains in a rosy-coppery color coming in for the dining room and am still deciding on a rug.

You saw the doggies in the living room picture so they’ve been chillin like a villain and Max has been chillin in the cut, lording over paper towel rolls like so:

Also, remember this? Well shout-out to my girl Desiree for paying forward her ovulation predictor kits. I started using them this month. When you get a smiley face, that tells you the hormones present right before ovulation are detected, so GET BUSY. I got my smiley face Monday so now is the waiting game. We’ll see what happens, no pressure, no stress. Thanks again Desiree and Keana for letting me vent my cray-cray minicorn related thoughts. I also started a chart where you chart your basal temperature every morning, and certain dips and increases during certain days tell you about where you are in your cycle. That ish is FASCINATING. I am learning so much about how my body works through that.

This year will see the birth of my very first nephew or niece, and I will be a bridesmaid in my stepmother’s wedding. 3 times I will have bridesmaided it up. Lawd, the graveyard of dresses…


Comments on: "Happy New Year!!!!!11" (5)

  1. Welcome back and congrats on the move. Best of luck making baby unicorns

  2. welcome back doll! we missed you. i figured something major was going on due to your absence. glad it was all good.

    ooooh, was that the hotel derek you were getting all sexified at? i did something similar for my husband, except we shot at hotel icon with a group of girls (taking turns-not althogether). you couldn’t even tell i was 5 months preggo due to some creative positioning. lol.

    i feel you on the moving closer to town thing. we live out in west houston and won’t be moving ’til the lil’ one is about to start school, but i LIVE on trying to scouting out the next up and coming neighborhood close to town. i like older homes, though and i’ve got my eye on a couple of spots around town.

    oh, love to hear more about your dissertation when you get a chance.

    good luck with everything and welcome back!

  3. I love that sofa so much!!! I love the idea of jewel-tones, Morrocan theme type stuff!

    I’m so crossing my fingers for you this month – here’s hoping for good news straight out the gate!

  4. Monique: Thank you! 🙂

    Naija: Heeeeyyyy girlie! Missed you too! YAS, that was Hotel Derek! My friend has a birthday party at Hotel Icon for just the ladies and it was SWANK. When you say West Houston, what part? I always get “West” mixed up. I know Sugarland is Southwest…. Girl HAR was my OBSESSION for the last several months! I’ll do a post or e-mail you about my thesis results

    Desiree: Yay, glad you like it! Countdown to February 1st!!

  5. we are out i-10 a couple of exits to the east of katy.

    i would be happy to be near the memorial city mall area(i-10 and the beltway) or even near the richmond/westpark tollway area. nice older homes in both places.

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