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Kindle and Morning Jams

My boo-thang Crabby got me a Kindle last week for a graduation gift and I have been stuntin’ ever since. I. LOVE. It. Last night I made my first purchases:

The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion which I started reading last night and have gotten about 25% of the way through. Full review upon completion, but it was hard to put down last night. It’s about the sudden death of her husband and the year of grief that followed.

Postmortem: How Medical Examiners Explain Suspicious Deaths by Stefan Timmerman The title is pretty self-explanatory. Medical narratives and medical sociology fascinate me so anything of the sort, I’m onboard. Plus, I read a different book by this author last year that was so informative and engrossing that I am a fan of his now. Don’t believe the hype about CPR!

The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson

Little Women (free download)

I’ll be supplementing with some travel narratives, historical fiction, sci-fi thrillers/horror, and true crime.

Any other Kindle or E-reader users out there? Let’s get crunk! Tell me about your experience so far. Any book recommendations? I will give a caution about the free downloads for the classic titles though; apparently a lot of them are not formatted for the Kindle so there is no Table of Contents, or they used a different translator so you’re not actually getting the version of the story you probably want, etc. So no big deal for me to pay 99 cents or 2 dollars to make sure I’m getting what I want.

My Monday playlist is called “Infinity Blue”. It’s filled with mellow tunes to ease me back into the workweek. So I have electronica, alternative, trip-hop, those kinds of tunes on that playlist. This morning I jammed:

Diving for Hearts by Corinne Bailey Rae, which I’ve posted on here before but it was the first song that came on my IPOD (on “shuffle”) this morning and it remains one of my favorite songs ever.

Sunrise Comes Too Soon by Late Night Alumni (shout-out to Kit and QQ for the recommendation)

Hyperballad (Hyperballad Fluke remix) by Bjork

I love the lyrics to this song. It’s about being in a relationship and the spark and excitement is somewhat gone so you start doing little destructive things just to feel something and be able to return to your lover and feel safe for a little while longer.

We live on a mountain/Right at the top/This beautiful view/From the top of the mountain/Every morning I walk toward the edge/And throw little things off/Like car parts, buttons and cutlery/Or whatever I find lying around/It’s become a habit, a way, to start the day//(Chorus) I go through all this/Before you wake up/So I can feel happier/To be safe up here with you/(Repeat)//It’s early morning/Noone is awake/I’m back at my cliff/Still throwing things off/I listen to the sounds they make on their way down/I follow with my eyes til they crash/I imagine what my body would sound like/Slamming against those rocks/And when I land/Will my eyes be closed or open//(Chorus, repeat til end)//


Comments on: "Kindle and Morning Jams" (6)

  1. the kindle allows you to “preview” a book, it let’s you get pretty deep into it too. previews are free and BAWSE. i’m still on this stieg larrson trilogy, but imo move on to wench next. i was looking at some of the reviews in oprah’s book club suggestions (her list is pretty bawse) and i’ll get into some of those next.

  2. Book recommendations: Zadie Smith’s , the years best Fantasy and horror ( any year edition, those shits are the Most bang for your buck and so refine and awesome) , Let the right one in ( of course for accuracy), Furious Love ( great Hollywood gossip, all about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton), Any Dan Savage book. Bonk ( the curious coupling of sex and science), We need to talk about Kevin

    Late Night alumni’s What if I say please

    and the one i just posted on my blawg Might work on this playlist

    Billie Holiday Speak Low ( bent remix)

  3. I just saw that Joan Didion book for like 25 cents at a used book store the other day. Might have to pick it up.

  4. Kit and QQ: I’ll be ALL UP IN these recommendations next week when I’m off for the holidays.

    Sandman: Oh well then, definitely pick it up!

  5. I read constantly and I own hundreds of books and I’ve read most of them. I absolutely love to read.

    I know it’s the wave of the future and I know that we’re basically just killing trees by making books; but I just gotta have a book in my hand.

    I enjoy the thought of having that book on my shelf too. I’m sure that one day soon I’ll succumb to the reality of a Kindle or a Nook or whatever. But right now, I’ve gotta roll with my book.

  6. Hi Reggie!

    I feel you, I still love the feel of a book. I am in no way getting rid of my library. But I like the idea of getting the books I LOVE in a physical hardcopy and the book series, or random non-fiction (like true crime and medical books that I love) on the Kindle. Tis a balance.

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