My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.


Presented without comment, because I am in fucking tears.


Comments on: "Sharktopus" (9)

  1. ROTFLMMFaO Sharkopuss????

    Eric Fucking Roberts??
    Two words: Bungee. Jumping

    Ess eeleben esscaped

    SyFy movies: Pure production fucking value

  2. WTF????!!! I see why you’re in tears! That is soooo crazy! Peace.

  3. QQ: I was juuussstt about to text you because I knew this was up your alley too.

    Freedom: The back-to-back deaths, the machine gun out of nowhere, Sharktopus in the freshwater regions, it’s TOO MUCH!

  4. Kingsmomma said:

    I live for sy fy movies. Between this and spring break shark attack I’m crying. Hilarious

  5. but…but why did the blood splatter onto the camera?

  6. “Is that part of the show?” “Awesome!”. GTFOH

  7. KM: I think I’ve seen clips from Spring Break Shark Attack. SyFy has my heart!

    Jaded: YES, THIS! *tearing up again*

    MMM: So many quotables. *machine gun fire* “You can’t hide. I’ll find you.”

  8. OMG, I’m late, but I loved it!!!

  9. The producers and every last asshat involved in that fiasco should have just given me the money they spent to create such CRAP and I would have been able to work miracles in my borough…

    I would like to kick Eric Roberts in the teeth.
    Him and his annoying sister and kid too.

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