My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

Twitter That

Y’all see that? The tweet at the top? Yes, yours truly was re-tweeted by Juvenile aka Juvie the Great today and as a result, nothing else in life matters. I am as pleased as a frolicking cat in a meadow.

P.S. I know QQ is gonna come hating because she talked sideways and Juvie blocked her on Twitter. But she still has Silkk the Shocker so I bet she’s gonna be on her beeeessssttt behavior from now on.


Comments on: "Twitter That" (5)

  1. Things id like to know: why you gotta put my business on the streets incompletely at that…anyways!…..i just want silkk to retweet or demonstrate this new flow he speaks of or something

  2. I would be the icing on your cake of a day by sending you this picture of a glossy Obama with a unicorn behind him, but I can’t find it. =(

  3. Nonotthejacket said:

    *in tears*

    First, the CAT. *right-click, save*

    Then QQ being forbidden? Bury me naow.

    And if only Juvenile knew… if only he knew. Cause y’all ain’t bout shyt

  4. PoliBohoGlam said:

    You are such an InnaNetStar

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