My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

I think it’s amazing that more people don’t think to examine possible links between the soaring cancer diagnoses here and all the chemicals we use in/our bodies in various ways in increasing amounts over the last several decades.

Cancer is one of those things that truly affects almost everyone in some way. Think about it. Do you know anyone who has/had cancer? Do you have a family member/friend/co-worker who knows someone ELSE that has/had cancer?

My paternal grandfather died from bone cancer when I was 14. I still have haunting memories of visiting him in the hospital to say (or not say) goodbye. My great-aunt died of lung cancer back in 2004. My mother has 2 friends who she has known and worked with longer than I’ve been alive who have BOTH RECENTLY (one in the last couple weeks, one in the last couple months) been diagnosed with cancer. It’s scary.

I try my best to inform those I love about educating themselves on what’s in our food, cleaning products, beauty products, etc. and have made a significant overhaul on the products I use/eat over the past 3 years (when I went vegan). I’m not perfect by any means–I have a soda habit that I’ve been struggling to kick. I don’t drink it that much, but when I’m at work sometimes I get a craving for sugary acidy Mr. Pibb/Pibb Xtra. No more than 1 any given day, but still. I know all the dangers/uselessness of soda so it’s just a thing of willpower now.

One good place to rate the products you use is Good Guide, I learned about the stuff I used that was good and not-so-good and made a couple substitutions as necessary due to suspicious ingredients.

Also, BPA is the chemical that started the whole let’s-send-plastic-water-bottles-to-burn-in-hell uproar and now testing shows that it’s in RECEIPT PAPER of all things in MUCH higher amounts than in water bottles. Unless you only use cash, don’t keep track of your purchases, or have a business that is necessary, you don’t tooooo much need receipts anyway so I have started reducing where I can. I already say no to receipts at gas pumps, food places, etc. Take care of yourselves people.


Comments on: "Chemicals, Chemicals, Everywhere" (3)

  1. WOW.

    I think I’ve stayed willfully ignant of stuff like this for a little too long. It’s scary out there. Thanks for the link. =)

  2. PoliBohoGlam said:

    I think convenience is one big reason we’re dying. People find it easier to buy everything from “TheMart” than to make or search for things that won’t kill us.

    I’ve also had people mock me for making some of my own products, and I think some of that has to do with people’s value placed on purchasing power. I think somehow, people feel like they should be buying things because they “can” buy the popular, brand name product.

    Maybe I’m going too far off the deep end on this?

  3. Alicia: *high five*
    PBG: YESSS convenience is a significant part. If it’s fast and cheap, people don’t blink an eye. Like they say you can either pay now, or pay later. I’d rather pay more now for food, healthy stuff, etc. then pay the hospital, pay for premature morbidity/mortality, etc. Not off the deep end at all!

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