My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

There aren’t adequate adjectives to describe how awesome Corinne is live. Crabby was pissed at me because I wanted to get there extra early to make sure I was first in line to ensure a good viewing spot. It was so hot that day, we each almost passed out at separate points in time during the concert and had to move to get some air. But it didn’t detract from my live experience. She came out with her purple romper/jumpsuit thingie, nommable hair, and big smiles. She still wears her wedding band.

Corinne performed every single song from her latest album, The Sea and these other songs:
Til It Happens To You (I died and went to music heaven on that one. This song sounds SO GOOD live.)
Put Your Records On
Like A Star (I swooned. Still love this song.)
I Only Have Eyes for You
Que Sera Sera

Here are photos and videos I took. I found some other videos from the concert on Youtube as well.

She opened with Are You Here (my own video–front and center, bitchessss!)


Til It Happens To You. Get into the guitars and the soul, bitches! YAS!

A nice reggae cover of I Only Have Eyes for You. I’d love to be able to buy this on Itunes or download it. Shoop shoop.

Diving for Hearts (my own video, I squeal/gasped when I heard the opening music to my favorite song from the album)

Feels Like the First Time (my own video, I was so crunk when she sang this; it’s just made to be heard live)

Like A Star. LOVED that we all were singing along with her on this one.

She came out for an encore and sang a cover of Que Sera Sera.

She came out for autographs after. She sounds so nice live, was in good cheer, performed loads of songs, and was on time. She gave everything a concert-seeker would want and she has a fan for life in me.

A few photos I took:


Comments on: "Corinne Bailey Rae Concert: House of Blues Houston" (14)

  1. mrs mary mack said:

    I told youuu stay until the end. She is amazing! We saw her in concert in Austin the first time she toured the U.S. and she was magical. This time around was JUST as awesome which means it’s just her-it’s not a show. I’m so emotional lately I almost cried at various points in the show. Ghey moment- when she sang Like a Star all I could think about was her relationship and when the MR and I first started dating how he would leave me Corinne lyrics on my Myspace wall. I know…ghey. LOL

  2. Love, love, love this! Great video you captured.

  3. Giiiiirrrrrllll, same concert. It was like magic when she came to Atlanta. I especially loved her reggae version of I Only Have Eyes too…

  4. Mackie: Awwww I hope you saved those posts from the Mr. Y’all so ghey. But so sweet. LOL

    Monique: Thank you!

    Lina: Man I hope they record that! That shit was groovin!

    P.S. I just updated this post with a few pictures at the end.

  5. I’m still not 100% sold on her but Closer is my jam of the week lol glad you had a great time…I love concerts!

  6. GAAHHH!! *so very full of envy and hate over this … so. very. much*

  7. Jealous. As. Hell.

  8. I love you for the pics and videos but I loathe you for the opportunity!!!


  9. looove the vids. i’ve never seen her live but i want to so bad. definitely on my to-do list.

  10. Thanks ladies. It was awesooommmmeee!

  11. thanks so much for this post! I need to sleep, but I will be watching these vids in the morning…her hair is getting massive, in’t it?

  12. Yaaay let me know what you think! Yes her hair is SO nommable.

  13. i’m a little late but i just found your blog through desiree’s daydreams (loving your p.o.v. i must say).

    i was also at the concert. it was sooo great. i almost died when she said that she was at discovery green earlier that day. i was like ‘dammit why didn’t it occur to me to stalk the local park in case cbr decided to hula hoop before the concert?’.

  14. Thank you so much! I’m on my way to visit you.

    Wait a minute. SHE WAS AT DISCOVERY GREEN??!! *dying a slow painful death*

    Girl I staked OUT House of Blues extra early. I thought I’d catch her coming in with suitcases and instruments and things. 😦

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