My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.


Mackie tagged me as a Versatile Blogger! Mackie is one of my dearest blogging homies and our Dallas/Houston rivalry is unmatched. We’re also hair cousins and compare notes on the latest southern dances. At the end of her last year teaching, she hit her students with that flex. Seriously, I have enjoyed reading her blog over the past couple of years, especially since I was reading her life before she had her daughter and now after. Before she let inspiration carry her to do all these wonderful things in event planning and photography, and after. As I told her a little while ago, she is the epitome of the saying “Leap and the net will appear”. She is definitely one of the first people I think of when hatching my own plans.

As a recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award I must provide 7 random facts about myself:

1. I HATE lemon-flavored cooked food. Whether it’s in pasta, salad, whatever, it’s gross. However, I LOVE lemon in baked food. Cakes, etc. Definitely a love-hate relationship.
2. When I was a kid, I thought when you had to throw up, you did it in the sink. The toilet just seemed so…gross. So when I got sick, I would throw up in the sink instead of the toilet. I don’t even remember who’s extreme side-eye of death taught me the correct way, but MAN was I wrong!
3. I hate T-shirt souvenirs, both giving and receiving. YOU didn’t come on the vacation with me, so why should I have you stuntin’ in a Bahamas T-shirt? Or, I know damn well I haven’t been to New Orleans, I don’t want to wear this Mardi Gras T-shirt!
4. I feel like I’ve said this before but I didn’t see it anywhere on my blog so: I am funny with numbers. For example, the volume on the TV or radio has to end with 0 or 5. If 20 is too low, it’s going up to 25. PERIOD.
5. Things happening in slow motion ALWAYS make me crack up. Even if I didn’t laugh at the regular-speed version, slow motion–ESPECIALLY if the voice is slowed down–will have me on the floor crying. For an example see Blueberries (I don’t crack up until the 1:17 mark)

6. Autotune ANYTHING cracks me up. I don’t care what anybody says. The T-Pain autotune Bud Light commercial (ironically everything EXCEPT T-Pain made me laugh),

the autotune cry,


the Double Rainbow,

whatever it is, I will crack up if it’s autotuned.
7. One other thing that will crack me up every single time is censor noises. The bleeeep you hear when someone “curses”. Especially if it’s unexpected, like in a cartoon. Robot Chicken does this really well, see Quicksand Giraffe (Stage 2)

and Happy Gummy Bear.

For this award you are to thank and link back to the one who gave you the award, share 7 facts about yourself, and then nominate 15 others who you think are versatile. Gem note. Um, I’m just going to tag everyone, mmkay? Let me know if you do it! If you don’t want to put it on your blog or don’t have a blog, put it in my comments!


Comments on: "Versatile" (16)

  1. knew abt the tv volume thing, but i STILL vomit in the sink! i never went for the toilet. either the back of the cab, on the street, or in the sink. fugg breathing and heaving into a toilet where someone just dropped a load.

    i dont like lemon sprinkled on my food but i LOVE lime. they DOOO have diff tastes!

    havent gotten too many t-shirt souvenirs but i always just sleep in them when i do

    ZOMG bleeping censors ARE hilarious! i always think of when dave chapelle did that muppet show with the stds and charlie murphy was the “fuck it” puppet. just the censoring alone had me in tears

    p.s. who doesnt love mackie?

  2. dont kill me for this but i never watched the autotune cry till just now and there are seriously TEARS streaming down my face

    you know that laugh that hurts your stomach? i got 1 of thooooooose

  3. So glad I’m not alone in sink-vomiting! YES, why is it ok to be hugging the toilet KNOWING somebody got crunk in there at least once that day??

    Ooh you know I haven’t tried lime yet. I’ve been afraid too because of how gross lemon is. I’ll take your word for it and try it.

    I know I’m an asshole about the T-shirt thing but I DON’T CARE!

    YES that’s another good example the STD puppets had me rolling!

    I resisted the autotune cry for a long time then I watched it, then went and watched the original, then watched the autotune version again. There’s also one with a keyboarding cat that almost did me IN.

  4. and i only heard the beginning of toine’s remix on kid fury’s sight and i just listened to 30 secs. im weakkkkkkkk Gem i had to walk awayyyyyyy



  6. I refuse to watch any of the autotune videos cause I know I will bust out laughing extra hard!

    I just did a 5 random things about me post…I can’t come up with 7 more random things…I’m not that interesting lol

    never threw up in the sink…but I have in the trashcan cause well it’s trash right? lol

    my sister was in jacksonville, fl on vacation I specifically told her to bring me HEX as a souvenir no this heaux brings me a freakin’ T-shirt…lol I work out in it now

    after reading about your number thing with the volume on the TV I don’t feel so bad about fussing at the boy about the volume on our old TV…if it was past 15 I was cussing him out lol

  7. Beth you made the right decision about the autotune videos if you want to live. Trust me!

    I’ll check your 5 things out!

    Trash can I can understand even over the toilet!

    Girl you know Hex can’t fit in a carry-on.

  8. you big ol’ weirdo hahahhahaha

    I throw up in the toilet because throwing up is so disgusting. If I walk in the kitchen and see chunks of half digested meat from your stomach in my sink, I’m going to be livid. Pray that you are never at my house and sick cause you’re going in the bathroom…to the toilet LOL

  9. bef: do yourself a favor and avoid them vids @ all costs! esp the cry and antoine!

    i cannot breeeeeve

  10. AW: I don’t eat meat so don’t worry! If I go to the bathroom I may use the bathroom sink, just giving you a heads up! 🙂

  11. That autotune crying had me in stitches! Thats a lil weird about the 0 5 volume thing, but everyone has crazy quirks like that.

  12. I hate your life for making me laugh at that child falling. HATECHOLIFE.

    Shit. I forgot what else I was going to say.

  13. The gummy bear getting caught in the trap NEVER FAILS to kill me slow. And the Best Cry Ever? Sheeeiiiitttttt, I’ve been quoting that mess with a passion SOOOOO DEEEEP! all summer hahahahahahaha

    PS- if you DARE throw up in my sink… machete time!

    And Hmmmm, it’s been a while since I did a random facts thing but maybe I’ll do it next week; Tuesday’s post was already a list of something and I have this OCD thing about too many lists…hey! there’s a random fact right there! lol

  14. Bwahahhahahhaaa! I hate you! The autotune cry kills my soul every time!!

  15. Grosss…..sink vomit. Can´t really get past that one.

    Regardless, I´m playing along! xx

  16. Charles: The autotune cry gets me every time. I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT MY VOLUME QUIRK!!!1111!!1!1 🙂


    Jaded: The gummybear makes me cry silently when I haven’t even watched it in a while! And when ISN’T it machete time with you?

    Mackie: WAAAAAaaaaaAAaaaAAAAAaaaAAa…

    Ali: It just seems like the right thing to do. LOL

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