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If you’re an NBA fan then last night was important to you. LeBron James ditched Cleveland for Miami. In hindsight, this choice was pretty obvious since there are many soundbites of him saying he wants to win and he won’t be acknowledged as a legend until he wins a championship so he’s going to do it by whatever means necessary even if that means joining up with 2 other superforces. Some call it cheating, some say it will tarnish his legend status because he won’t be able to say he led a team to championship. I say whatevs, I just want to see good games which I am guaranteed now.

Anyhoo, the whole announcement/press conference was followed by almost everyone on my Twitter timeline. Here are selected tweets that demonstrate why I love and hate certain people. You know who you are. In fairness, I included some of my own tweets (GemmySmallz).

CaressLepore: This just in Lebron has made a deal with Jay-Z to become a backup dancer for Beyonce

GemmySmallz: Breaking News: Lebron James is resurrecting Legends of the Hidden Temple on Nickelodeon as Olmec

maronziovance: If Lebron leaves Cleveland, the state of Ohio will go into foreclosure.

ambboogie: LeBron shouldn’t announce anything. He should put a paper bag of his doodoo on the table and walk away. Watch reporters fight for it.

GemmySmallz: Lebron’s blouse is like an optical illusion

ThroatChopU: Lebron should just sign a month-to-month deal, like people do w/apartments …

andrewbjones: #Lebronsannouncement “I will be starring in Kazaam 2 this fall”

GemmySmallz: Somewhere, Jay-Z just spit angrily

mrsmarymack1: Miami! assss everywhere

mrsmarymack1: Every hoochie in Miami just got crunk. Percolating vaginas galore!

garyowencomedy: I just googled cleveland & google said no matches found the city has disappeared

ambboogie: Jay Z just went into the studio to to record a diss record to LeBron.

mrsmarymack1: So is Lebron’s baby mama gonna be on Basketball Wives now…or will his mom be?

Slaus: Free cavs tickets with every tank of regular unleaded. You can play on the team if you use Premium

TheJazzyBelle: Mo Williams and Anderson Varejao in tears singing Stevie Wonder “Never Dreamed You’d Leave In Summer” to each other.

Slaus: I bet Cleveland sounds like that Autotune cry dude tonight

In other news, going to a bachelorette party tonight. I’m a bridesmaid in this wedding. I’ll save discussion about the dresses ordered from a Chinese sweatshop that were yellow on the website but pink-peach in person and didn’t fit oh and the maid of honor still doesn’t have her dress because they sent it back to China and other drama for another time, k? K.

Today, my IPOD-in-the-car playlist is Fuschia. The Fuschia playlist is rap/hip-hop, both intelligent and ignant, all crunk. Featured song from today is:

This video is hilarious and gives me all I need today. NOW GET UP AND DANCE!

Oh, and as a bonus video:

P.S. I met Ali la loca and her husband a few weeks ago for lunch. She is a lot more outgoing than I would have gathered from her blog, which is good because I tend to get nervous meeting new people. They even treated me to lunch! I’ve been reading her blog for years so I saw her transition from traveling to jewelry-making, and now the jewelry-making has just blown up. She makes gorgeous “Global Fusion” jewelry and her story is so inspirational for like-minded people to start their own thing. Love meeting bloggers!


Comments on: "Tweets from Last Night: Lebron James Edition" (13)

  1. Those are some hilariuos tweets. facebook was migthy similar.
    those dresses..hilarity

  2. I didnt read yall’s tweets until after it was over, but I was dying laughing. My favorite had to be the legends of the hidden temple though. Oh, and the angry spit from Jay Z…all I could see is that camel spitting from Aladdin and I couldnt stop laughing. Love your tweets.

    I stole “Fed Up Graduate!” from this video. Love me some outkast. Really digging Big Boi’s new album, you should check it out.

  3. Y’all ain’t shit.

  4. smh at those tweets AND that cat!

    Can’t wait to hear about this wedding, tho…will the hair be straight again? Because I like how ignant you act when your hair is straight 🙂

  5. LMAO!! Those tweets kill my soul and revive it in the same beat! I hate that cat. I don’t F*** with cats. They ain’t right.

  6. LMAO @ the premium gas one.

    I’m just glad we’re back to basketball and not soccer posts all over my facebook. I don’t give a rusty fuck about either sport, but at least I understand what basketball fans are talkin’ about.

  7. I agree is LeBron’s decision. He has a better chance on winning a championship with a better team. Plus, Cleveland will now be forced to actually put a team together.

  8. sayno: Your name, avatar, and blog are cracking me up!

    Lina: I’ve been meaning to listen to Big Boi’s latest; keep forgetting!

    Alicia: And you are? Don’t make me go through your timeline!

    Jaded: The cat did me IN. I was toying with straightening it again for the wedding but it feels like Satan tempting me!

    MMM: Mm-hmm you were right in the thick of it! LOL whatever, that cat is hilarious! Give cats a chance!

    Sandman: OMG people who never talked about soccer filled my FB news feed with updates. I just don’t care about soccer. Ha! Basketball is pretty simple to follow.

    IW: Exactly. LeBron wants to win so that’s what he’s pursuing. Thank you for visiting me!

  9. Absolutely hilarious.
    “mrsmarymack1: Every hoochie in Miami just got crunk. Percolating vaginas galore!”, “garyowencomedy: I just googled cleveland & google said no matches found the city has disappeared” & “mrsmarymack1: So is Lebron’s baby mama gonna be on Basketball Wives now…or will his mom be?–Priceless. Lol.

  10. y was i on facebook and saw someone use that cleveland dissapeared one.

  11. Hey girl, thanks for the shout out. I find it super interesting that I’m more outgoing in person than you would have expected! Glad, though, ’cause I always want to put people at ease when meeting for the first time. I had a great time meeting you, and look forward to our next trip to Houston so you and your husband can show us something fun!

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